A fresh start...


I’m sure you’ve noticed something new...it’s my newest venture...a lifestyle blog! I’ve decided to branch out and create a space just for the other things that inspire me beyond the classroom. Primarily Inspired is the lifestyle sister site to my teacher blog over at Sliding Into Second Grade. I found that there were many, and I mean many, topics I wanted to discuss but didn’t quite have the spot to do it with the fear of overrunning Sliding Into Second Grade with more life stuff than educational stuff. With anything, I wanted to start fresh and I am proud to unveil my little corner of the web just for that. A fun and honest place for sharing everything that goes on in my mind and home.

This is also a place where I want collaboration and discussion to take place. I admit, I have opinions about all kinds of things and I am eager to see the different perspectives we all have! That’s what makes dialogue so interesting....and inspiring (see what I did there?) :) I am eager to begin sharing with you all my interests such as style, cooking, beauty, books, etc. 

With all that being said, be sure to make yourself at home and join in on the discussions.
Look around and be inspired!

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