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Philip with his coveted Pumpkinhead
Happy Friday everyone! Tonight is Halloween and this is the first year Philip and I have nothing planned and I’m not sure how I feel about that. October is our favorite month and we celebrate by making a list of all the scary movies we want to watch throughout the month (Hocus Pocus being the pivotal part of our movie watching), I get to bust out all of my autumn scented candles, and of course, enjoy a few bottles cases of the annual Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale. Back in DC October was also a month of endless Oktoberfest themed bar crawls and beerfests with our friends, which I happen to miss quite a bit. However, on the flip side it’s nice to be an old lady and relax a bit since every weekend we’ve been practically busy the entire time. So tonight we’ll probably keep it boring...or just go to the bar and how I see it it’s a win, win ;)

me when my necklace broke
But on to my fabulous find that I wanted to share out tonight! One of my favorite pieces of jewelry was my initial ‘K’ necklace that I purchased from Etsy last year. It was simple but personal and absolutely went with everything...and I did wear it with everything. This was one of my favorite and most prized accessory and I was completely devastated (a bit dramatic, I know) when Murphy had grabbed a hold of it while I was holding him and it completely snapped and broke (insert ugly cry here).

Ever since that moment I had always thought to myself that making this type of necklace and replacing mine had to be pretty simple considering you’re just hammering a letter into the disc, right?! Well, today I came across Laura’s post from A Beautiful Mess on how to do just that and I’m happy to share my fabulous find:

Make Your Own Personalized Initial Necklace
Photo:A Beautiful Mess
It just requires a few tools and materials and Laura uses easy-to-follow directions with pictures! I’m excited to try this out myself and finally replace the one I broke. However, if you’re not the crafty kind and would rather purchase your own personalized necklace I bought my original one from bijouxbydesif on Etsy and it runs you about $36. There are millions of different shops out there but this is the seller I have personally used and she is great and so are her products. Another plus to making your own is that these necklaces or bracelets are perfect for your own accessorizing AND they make very cute and personalized gifts for your girlfriends, coworkers, and family!

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