It’s feeling a lot like the holidays...


It’s officially feeling like the holidays here in the Daniel household! Usually the husband doesn’t let me begin decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but since we’ll be out of town I told myself I was able to convince him to let me decorate early that way when we return we’re already in the Christmas spirit! Needless to say, whether or not he “let me” or I “convinced him”, I got to work and here’s a little peek into what I got done this evening.

DIY Christmas Prints

These prints are super easy to make on your own...just need your computer, printer, and frames.

A Very Daniel Christmas
This year I put myself to work planning fun holiday themed activities for Philip and I to do throughout December. I’ve always wanted to do this but never dedicated the time - but not this year! We came up with our favorite holiday movies and I printed them out and numbered them. I printed a separate number sheet and placed them in a Santa’s hat. Each night we’ll select a number blindly and watch that movie!

I’ve also done my homework and using some great ideas via Pinterest and local attractions here in CA, I created a list of holiday themed dates and will also place them in a bowl or hat (haven’t decided yet!) and we’ll select one each day of December and do them. 

Here are some of the ideas on our list:
Pick out a new Christmas ornament together
Go ice skating
Write a love letter to each other and place under the tree. Read them on Christmas morning.
Make your own holiday candy
Decorate a gingerbread house
Take a cooking class together
Challenge each other to minute-to-win-it games

This is our first Christmas being newlyweds and Murphy’s first Christmas so I’m in the mood to create some fun memories and begin new family holiday traditions. 

What fun traditions do you have with your family?

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