Prioritizing & Setting Meaningful Goals


It’s Sunday and today is daylights savings time (so don’t forget to fall back!). For the first time in forever it rained here in CA and the temperatures dropped like crazy. No complaining from me since I was happy to break out my heavy PJs (see photo) and snuggle up. Plus the crisp fall weather is something I definitely miss from back home so I’m totally OK with it being a bit chilly out here.

Now that it’s feeling like fall, we've turned our clocks back (yay for gaining an hour), and I’ve got my fresh cup of coffee, it’s time to have some real talk. Nothing serious, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the year is beginning to wind down and we’ve officially hit the start of the holiday season. This means the season of holiday cheer and time spent with friends and family...and of course food (I mean, it’s not a holiday without food that brings you to the brink of diabetes).

Before you know it the new year will be upon us and therefore it’s never too early to begin thinking about your resolutions. I know, smack me now for even talking about the new year when it’s only November but self-improvement is something I’ve always taken seriously and it’s something you can start thinking about today, not necessarily waiting for the ball to drop and to make some quick resolution we both know you’ll crap out on the second week into January. At least that’s how it is for me.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. -Abraham Lincoln

Have you ever started a project or task that you didn’t put too much thought into or it’s something you don’t reaaaallly care about and somehow it never gets finished? Maybe you started that book and then your ADD kicked in and now it’s collecting dust while you have a million other half-finished things laying around your house? That’s typically how my resolutions end because I get distracted by life and simply cannot focus on all the things I would like to improve upon in myself. So, this year I’m getting a head start and will focus just on a few things that I would like to set goals for myself rather than picking BIG goals like losing weight or cutting caffeine, I mean really, those things won’t happen. No, really.

A great article I found on this topic of prioritizing your life and setting meaningful goals came from Forbes, actually. You can find the original article here. What I took away from her ‘guidelines’ were these few things:

Make your goals specific. Don’t just say ‘lose weight’ because it’s too broad. What specifically would you like to improve that would lead to a healthier lifestyle? Sleep more, eat more vegetables, drink more water? These little steps one can take are achievable and move you into the direction you desire.

Make your goals meaningful to you personally. You’ll be more likely to stick with your goal and see it through when it’s something you’re passionate about or take seriously. You wanted to learn that language? Well, begin with one that strikes your interest the most or is something you’re already pretty familiar with. Learning should be fun so when choosing your goals make them fun and not just a task to complete.

Be flexible. Your goals will, and should, change over time. Are you always picking the same thing each year? Switch things up and adapt your goals within your life based on where you are at that moment. Maybe it’s time to change your goals completely. Don’t be afraid to be flexible because life is never a straight line.

I love her idea of ‘pillars’ which are: personal life, fitness & health, personal finance, and work. These pillars will help you define what your goals might be in each part of your life. I am going to try and pick one thing in each pillar to focus on for the next few months. Here’s what I got...

Personal Life: Make more time with the husband to get out of the house and explore CA.
Fitness & Health: Make more of an effort to track my food with my Fitbit app so I know what calories are going in vs out.
Personal Finance: Put more of my paycheck into my savings account and DON’T TOUCH IT.
Work: Continue to put myself out there and not be so shy around new people.

I challenge you to think about what goals you would like to set for yourself this November and, if you’re so inclined, share your goals in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re improving!

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