Sweater Weather


I’m breaking out the herringbone vest again so don’t be surprised to see it often. Today on this fall-ish feeling Sunday I’ve paired my vest with a cable-knit sweater, dark denim, and for that splash of color, a red statement necklace. This outfit is comfy, cozy and casual, which are three things I look for when pairing pieces together. So simple but very cute!

Jeans: Kensie (Stitch Fix) | Vest: 41Hawthorne (Stitch Fix) 
Sweater: Banana Republic Factory [similar]
Necklace: The Lucky Knot

What are you wearing today to stay warm?


  1. I love the red pop of color! The cutest look!! I am so obsessed with vests as of late (as you saw lol) and I love the super soft look of yours!

    1. Yes! I’m completely obsessed with mine and have difficulty finding other tops to wear. Vests are perfect for me since they’re great in the mornings and can easily be taken off throughout the day without ruining the look of your outfit that day. Comfy is where it’s at for me and I’m glad you liked it! I look forward to seeing how you pair your vests :)