Christmas Wish List 2014


Today I am linking up with The Circle over at In It’s Time and this month’s linky is all about Christmas Wish Lists! This year has been a big one: we got married, moved across the country to CA, and are still getting settled financially. Therefore we opted for no presents this year but instead got our matching tattoos, which we’ve had planned for a while now. We’re so happy with our results and excited to share this together. I don’t know, there’s no other feeling than getting inked with your love and sharing that bond together :)

                  Picasso’s drawing of his dachshund.

But, with all that being said there’s still some things I’ve had my eye on this year and here’s my top 6 selections for my Christmas Wish List:

1. Coordinates Collection
When I discovered this jewelry collection I found myself wanting at least three different pieces. These bangles and necklaces make for great personalized gifts! Just plug in a city and it generates the coordinates for you.

2. iPhone 6
We’ve both been due for an upgrade for a while but just haven’t had the time to actually get the new iPhone. I’m very much looking forward to upgrading soon!

3. Personalized Address Stamp
I’ve been through a couple different stamps and then we moved *insert sad face*. One item that’s a great gift (for anyone!) is a personalized address stamp. I’m also thinking that since we’re not planted anywhere 100% that I should just opt for the labels...hmph... #firstworldproblems

4. Hunter’s Rain Boots
Just recently have I learned that what CA doesn’t have in seasons it surely makes up for with rain. And one thing I don’t have are rain boots. It would be nice to have a pair for those moments of torrential downpours (especially lately). The only problem I have is which color?!

5. Burberry Scarf
If I could have one fancy-pants item on my wish list I would definitely pick this Burberry scarf I’ve pined for many years now. It’s lightweight and the colors are classic.

6. Good Morning Mug
This was once one of my favorite coffee mugs from World Market but it somehow got lost between moves. I would love to own another one again because it’s a large mug (this girl needs her coffee) and cute :)

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  1. Ooh, so many great things on your wishlist! I love the idea of a personalized address stamp, too. I've been writing a lot of snail mail lately and a personalized address stamp sounds great!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for linking up!

    p.s. I looove that tattoo! It's so cute and I love that you have matching ones, too!