DIY Christmas Card Wall Display


It’s officially the time of giving and receiving holiday and Christmas cards. I absolutely love spending the intricate time of crafting my holiday cards but alas this year it was one expense we cut due to trying to save (boo!). I mean, these cards come out to be at least $100! (So, sorry in advance to all my family and friends who will not be receiving a card this year!)

However, receiving cards is always fun because I love using them as decoration throughout the house. Today I wanted to share with you some fun ideas you can use in your home to display your lovely Christmas cards! And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on pre-made displays!

1. Over the cabinets.
This display is easy to make and very simple to create. All you need is ribbon, clothespins, and I recommend Command Hooks on the inside of your cabinets to hold the ribbon in place. Decorate your kitchen cabinets with this lovely card display.

2. Shutter display.
This is more for the serious do-it-yourselfer with the use of an old window shutter. Simply paint red or in a festive color and slide the cards you receive in the slots. What a great addition to a family room or next to the tree. You could also hang your shutter card display too!

3/4. Washi Tape & string.
This is the simple of the simple of card displays. The only materials you need is Washi Tape, string, and clothespins! Also, a good eye for symmetry helps as you make the outline of your tree. Attach your cards and watch your tree begin to take shape!

5. Wall ribbon display.
This is similar to the over-the-cabinet concept of #1 but instead hang along your staircase. It makes for a fun display for your guests who are visiting either for your fun holiday party or Christmas day festivities.

6. Wine corks.
This is a fun and different approach to displaying your holiday cards (and one of my favorites). If you’re a wine lover, use those corks to create a card display. Hot glue the corks to a board and use push-pins to hang your cards. This is great for the kitchen or dining room!

7. Stair railing display.
Using string and clothespins, display your cards going up the stairs! Add some fun decorations (as seen in the picture) and they’ll be sure to pop!

All of these inspirations are easy to do and won’t cost you very much to assemble! Plus, they’re easy to remove and save for the following year. 

What displays do you have in your home during the holidays? Share in the comments :)

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