Book Study: The Best Yes


The Best Yes // Day 1-2 // Chapter 1-2

First off I wanted to share that I am completely new to this whole online book club business. One thing I loved about being back home in VA was that I had a group of girlfriends that I could talk to about anything from movies, books, or the randoms going on in my life. Now that I’ve moved away from said girlfriends, communicating daily has been a bit difficult with the whole 3hr time difference thing.

So, as I was tinkering around the blogosphere I discovered this thing of online book clubs. Through The Peony Project I was able to meet Bree who is the blogger over at The Imperfect Vessel. She hosts a seasonal book club and the winter study is The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. Intrigued, I decided to join and began reading the first couple chapters this past weekend. Not only has it been a great book choice, but it’s also been nice to meet and connect with other women across the country who are reflecting and sharing each week.

If you have been thinking about joining an online book club I really do recommend it. I do miss the in-person interaction but the conversations are just as good and you go at your pace. See about joining our study with Bree or see what other book clubs are available!

Now, I’ll dive right into my reflections of the readings these last couple days. I don’t normally cover so many chapters in one post but with my allergies I was just too tired to blog. But, here we go :)

Chapter 1: Check the Third Box

In this first chapter Lysa describes this option we all have, in addition to the ones we are already familiar with, and that is the ‘third box.’ This third box is your Best Yes option and it simply comes down to “playing the part” in God’s plan for you. This spreads to all aspects of your life whether you’re at work, school, home, or at church. Checking your Best Yes box will help you see how God is working in your life and how that will influence you in the many decisions life tends to throw at you (and sometimes all at once). But it’s not just about “leaving it all up to God” as it’s sometimes easy to think that way. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to just kick up your feet and let Him take care of it all for you? Sure! But, it’s more than that; it’s about playing your part and being active in your faith. God isn’t going to do it for us - He has better things to do! Plus our arms aren’t broken.

Now, it comes down to our priorities. What are the things that fill our schedules? Lysa describes her responsibilities with her family, work, and church, which can be overwhelming and leaves very little for herself. At the moment I can’t so much relate simply because I don’t have children yet. I’m not schlepping from one football practice to another all-the-while baking cupcakes for a class party in two days. That’s not me in this moment right now. BUT - I can relate to filling my schedule with things that don’t give God much attention. I would say that I find distractions and that I do relate to. 

This first chapter helped me realize that if I took a moment to slow down and gain an awareness of God’s presence in my life, I’d be more apt to hear His calling. I don’t want to miss my Best Yes opportunities because I was simply distracted.

Final Thought: “You’ll live your life making decisions with the Best Yes as your best filter. You’ll be a grand display of God’s Word lived out” (pg. 14). 

Chapter 2: The Way of the Best Yes

So far in my reading I think this chapter resonated with me the most and probably the message I needed to hear. If I could narrow it down to just a few words to describe the message of this chapter it would be: don’t miss your calling. So many times in my walk of faith have I prayed to God to show me the way. It could have been because I needed help in making a decision, guidance at work, or just a feeling of His presence with me. One thing I like about Lysa and how she writes is that I feel like she gives it to me straight. She has a way of calling me out because I’ll pray but so often do I forget to actually look for Him. 

This is where His companionship should be our primary focus and, if I could be honest, it’s something I tend to struggle with. It’s one thing to ask for His guidance or instruction but it’s another to become deaf to His will because of the silly distractions in my life. I loved the story she shared in this chapter about how she, in a fit of stress, she almost overlooked God’s calling for her family to help another in serious need. By the end of this chapter I was reminded that first we should all be willing to ask God for guidance in navigating these waters of life but to also be looking for Him. In my experience of faith it’s never been a major, life-altering moment that he calls me for, rather it’s the subtleness of his prompts that help me see Him working in my life.

My final thought on today’s reading:

I know that was quite a bit and thank you for spending this time with me. I’d love to hear your thoughts or maybe you’re reading (or have read) The Best Yes and have your own reflections! I hope you all have a great evening and I can’t wait to catch up with you tomorrow for Chapter 3!


  1. Kelly, what a blessing it is to have you as a part of the book study community! And this was such a sweet surprise! Thank you for sharing the word about such a modern-day convenience that this study can be for those who don't have the opportunity to connect with community otherwise. I continue to pray that you and the other women will flourish in your faith through the words Lysa speaks in her book and through inspiration of His word. Oh and I would love for you to share this with the others in the Facebook group too, if you feel lead! :)

  2. You’re SO welcome! I am very excited about this study and everything I’ll learn along the way. I would be happy to share this post in hopes that others can relate and share their insights into our readings :)