Discovering Tofu


One of my husband and I's most recent food obsessions has taken us down the path of now incorporating tofu into our diets. It began mostly out of curiosity and the fun of figuring out how to play with it in different meals. The substance of tofu alone is a bit intriguing and I learned that there are different varieties of it, a certain way to prep it, and how to marinate it to give it a different taste.

New to tofu? So were we. Here’s a breakdown of what we learned so far:

What is it?
Tofu is created by coagulating soy milk and pressing the curds that are formed into blocks. It has no real taste, spongy in texture, and comes in different forms in which different varieties are used for different purposes in meals. Tofu is very nutritious in that it is low in calories but high in protein, which makes for the perfect substitution for meat in vegetarian meals.
How to prep it:
Tofu is packaged in water and therefore it needs to be ‘pressed.’ This just means that you want to extract all the water you can so that whatever you’re planning to marinate it in can absorb all the yummy new flavors. Many press theirs using different methods or you can use this Tofu Press.

If you’re using extra firm or firm tofu, baking it before adding it to your dish is crucial and I personally like my tofu a bit crispy. Always plan for your tofu meals to take a bit longer to prep but the outcome is so worth it!

What type should I use?
Well, this comes down to what you want to make. For the most part here’s what I’ve learned:
  • Extra Firm/Firm: Most dishes (baking, stir frying, scramble, etc.)
  • Soft/Silken: Desserts, dips, and smoothies
Onto these yummy and easy recipes! 
Here’s some recipes we’ve fallen in love with and a few we’re looking forward to trying!

These are just a few easy recipes to get you started working with tofu. I have to admit that I didn’t think I would be here right now writing about tofu recipes and how much we enjoy it but I’m glad we’ve discovered that it’s no longer something to be afraid to try. Do you have other tofu recipes? Share them in the comments!

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