DIY: Accent Walls


Saturday I got a fire under me. My husband was out of the house for the day and I thought to myself I need a home project to keep me busy. Before I knew it I had my painters tape out and measuring lines across one of our living room walls. For a long time, and many apartments ago, I’d always wanted to paint an accent wall, specifically those striped walls you see all the time on Pinterest...


You know you’ve seen them everywhere and secretly admire the time and effort...and well, those end results. I had always wanted to do one of these walls but for one reason or another I never did. So, in 2015 I’m going to do the things I’ve always put off when it comes to making my home feel like mine and not just some space I occupy. So, yesterdays project was creating a striped accent wall.


To begin making your accent wall you’ll need these materials:

  • painters tape
  • level (I used the app on my phone)
  • pencil for making your marks
  • ruler or other tool for making your lines
  • accent paint color (I used white since my walls were already a beige color)
  • brushes (I used both a brush and a roller)
Easy enough? I thought so. 
The first thing you want to do before anything else is remove any light switch or outlet covers that you’ll be painting around. Also, take down any frames or other wall hangings.

Then get out your level, pencil, and tape and begin marking where the stripes will be on your wall. I went with the top of the door as the beginning of my accent stripe and worked from there. Be sure that the measurements of the stripes correlate to where you’re hanging photos and such. It’ll look a bit off if your frames hang in between your stripes.

When you’re ready to begin putting your painters tape down, be sure that you place the tape correctly. This means you are placing the edge of the tape along the pencil line of where you intend to paint your accent stripe. I made the mistake of laying the tape on the wrong side of the line - it’s just time consuming to fix ;)

Mark with a little piece of tape to remember which lines you’ll be painting (see photo). You’ll be painting the thicker looking stripes. Once you run your finger and get all the possible air pockets that are between the tape and the wall you’re ready to begin painting!

I first began painting with the brush along the edges of the stripes where it meets the tape. This assures that a clean line is being made - plus it helps me begin slowly so I’m sure to get the feel for how much paint to use, how to brush it on, etc. Once I got the feel for it I was able to move a bit quicker. I also used my brush in those tight corners and around fixtures. After a first coat was done I switched to my roller and proceeded to add my second coat and continued until the white looked even.

Let it dry before taking the tape off. Also, keep air circulating with a fan or open your windows or doors.


I was SO happy with the end result! It’s so much more satisfying when you complete something you’ve always wanted to and when you did it yourself. Next stop: beginning the bedroom accent wall ;) Just need some more painters tape!

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  1. i don't know if i could trust myself with a paint DIY - eek! But I am in desperate need of a paint job. My room is a green citrus-y color (and i don't like it anymore). this would be REALLY cool to do. I am thinking clean whites and grey!