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Hi everyone! It’s been a quiet weekend on the blog and that’s because on Saturday I assisted with my husband in pouring at the tasting room he worked when he was stationed at Vandenberg AFB years ago. This tasting room is called Artiste and it’s located in a cute little wine town in Los Olivos, CA. If you’re looking for a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of LA, or just home in general, this little nook is the perfect place to go. There are about 20+ wineries and tasting rooms all within walking distance and you can’t get better than those views. All along the valley you have other wineries that go on for miles.

What I love about Artiste is that their tasting room is designed after an 1880s working art studio. Each bottle features different contemporary Impressionist artists, which reflect both the art and compliment the wine. Guests are encouraged to paint and sketch in the tasting room in addition to tasting their wines. I wish I were talented enough to sketch something but it’s fun to watch others get into it. Also, there are new artisan oils and vinegars (that are delicious) available to taste as well.

A day in the life of a tasting room pourer...
Once we got into town the first thing we did was little jobs around the shop. I washed and dried the tasting glasses, prepped new bottles, and my husband taught me how to get the pour just right (it took me a while to pour the right amount without overdoing it. It’s harder than it looks when you don’t have a stopper). I had to read the bottles and see what variations of grape made up that blend. It’s a lot of information, especially for a newbie like me, but the plus side is that you get better by drinking more of the wine! Gotta love that aspect of the job.

Oh, and right before we opened for the day and as I was in the back prepping glasses guess who comes in......Ed Helms from The Hangover and The Office! I was so bummed I wasn’t out front when he came and he was only coming in to ask for directions to a gas station...but cool nonetheless. 

The day was long and I spent the majority of it on my feet but it was SO much fun and I’m happy that I had this opportunity. The best part was just making conversation with the different people that came in. I’m a bit shy at first and striking up conversation with strangers isn’t necessarily my strong suit, but it got easier the more I did it. Plus, you know, the wine I’m drinking all day helps! Liquid encouragement. 

After working this weekend I was able to take home my favorite wine from this selection, which was the Old & Glorious. Not too bad getting paid in wine. Just sayin’. 

I learned so much about the wine and by the end of the day had a greater appreciation for what goes into your tasting experience from the perspective of the pourer. These are people who love wine and love making your time in the tasting room enjoyable. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to pour and I hope you all get the chance to get out and go wine tasting in your area. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with yourself, a group of friends, or with your significant other. 

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