Beef Shank & Horseradish Crumbs


One of the best magazine subscriptions I have invested in has to be Bon Appetit. Each month new and intriguing meals grace the cover and once again I am inspired to recreate these recipes myself in my little kitchen at home. March’s issue is all about “The New Rules of Pasta” in which the often traditional pasta dish gets revamped by using different, more exotic, ingredients.


Even though I cannot take the cooking credit this time around (that goes to my husband) I just HAD to share this one particular recipe that has now become one of our favorites thus far: Strozzapreti with Oxtail Ragu and Horseradish Crumbs. Now, I’m sure you’ll notice that we swapped the oxtail for beef shank and that simply came down to the fact that Whole Foods was out when we went grocery shopping last weekend. No worries though, we grabbed some marrow-in bones and used beef shank, which provided a similar taste and texture.

Get the original Bon Appetit recipe here.


  1. Great photos of your meal! It sounds really yummy!

  2. Yum-o! I love new ideas for recipes :D

  3. Yummy, It looks very delicious! The horseradish crumbs look unique, never heard of it before! Bon Appetit is my favorite food magazine as well! Thanks for sharing!