Blistered Shishito Peppers


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My first shishito pepper experience was at Estadio, a beautiful contemporary Spanish eatery back in Washington, D.C. My husband took me quite often when we were dating and it still remains one of our favorite places and will always on our list of restaurants to go when we visit the east coast.

This dish is beautifully simplistic and you can imagine just how excited my husband and I were when we saw that Trader Joe’s now carries this coveted Japanese pepper! We stock up (at least four bags!) on every trip to the grocery store and now we can enjoy this dish at home.

How do you make blistered shishito peppers? Easy!

1. Heat oil in a cast iron skillet until hot. Add peppers and continuously toss until the outside is blistered to your likeness. As they cook, it tends to smoke quite a bit so I recommend doing this in a well-ventilated kitchen or turn down the heat.

2. Simply toss and serve by topping with sea salt or you can even use them to dip in soy sauce.

I hope you enjoy and if you haven’t yet tasted the deliciousness that is the shishito pepper, find your local Trader Joe’s and discover it for yourself!

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