Dear Kelly...


Over at The Circle, Februrary’s linkup topic is all about writing a letter to your past self. It’s an interesting topic and one that I enjoyed writing about (much more than I thought). I decided to write to my high school self because that was a time when I was still in my bubble and had a lot to learn about what we call “the real world.” I don’t regret anything from my past, however, I wish I could have had this conversation with myself - it would have been interesting to see if anything would have been altered if I had this kind of awareness of the future.

Dear Kelly,

It gets better. Those three words will have more meaning for you in the next few years and will impact you in more than one way. Right now you’re experiencing what (almost) every young girl goes through in high school and you will figure it out. Relationships, friendships, responsibility, self-worth, etc. You will also find that the people you know right at this moment will evolve, shift, and change in the coming years...and that’s not entirely a bad thing. You, yourself will do the same and you’ll be better because of it.

Friendships. They will come and go but remember to keep hold of the ones that matter. True friendships are with people who will stand by you no matter the circumstance or convenience to them. They are people you can share your complete self with and they are people who will not disappear from your life. You will be this friend and never compromise your values for a friendship. You will have chapters throughout your life and be comfortable that certain people will transcend to that next chapter and some will not. Appreciate the time and experiences you had/have with those people an accept their place in your story.

Relationships. You’ll have many before meeting the right one and he will completely knock you off your feet. He will be your foundation and your rock. He will help navigate you through life and will give you the space you need to continue evolving. He will love you for who you are and where you’ve come from. He’ll be worth the tears and pain you will experience because you will become stronger for it. You’ll have your heart broken many times before meeting him, but the crazy thing about life is that you need these heartbreaks to truly appreciate him when he arrives. It gets better.

God. He will be there waiting for you as He always has done. You will find Him exactly when you need to and it will be a glorious feeling to know Him. Your relationship with Him will change as you figure out the true meaning of giving up control so that His plan can set you straight. You will feel unbelievable closeness and comfort but you will also experience distance in times of personal struggle. He will always be waiting for you and you will find His comfort again.

By no means will you have everything figured out but that’s almost the fun of being alive. You will continue to face struggles and they’ll appear in all different forms, but know that you are smart, strong, and able to overcome any obstacle that lay in front of you. Your story is still being written and although we can’t change or take back anything from our past, we can learn to appreciate how it’s shaped us now into the person we are and how we carry ourselves into the future.

Your Future Self

Thanks to Kiki for hosting this lovely linkup! I look forward to reading the letters to others’ past selves.


  1. I love the line about it being okay to not have everything figured out. Because it's SO TRUE but SO HARD to remember a lot of the time. I have to remind myself of that fact so often!

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. :) I never realized just how much we have in common AND how much I needed to read this letter, too. I especially loved your paragraph on God. He really and truly is there for us ALL the time!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. so true that God is always waiting to comfort us! :)

  4. Thanks and a huge thank you for hosing this lovely linkup. I have had so much fun with the writing topics each month and I definitely look forward to March’s theme! :)

  5. Definitely! It’s something that I continuously tell myself because once you think you have things figured out life tends to throw that little curveball leaving me to feel unprepared or anxious. But somehow it all seems to work out in the end.