Getting Excited Over Furniture


You know you’re an adult when you get excited over your most recent furniture purchase. 

After grabbing lunch at our favorite Thai place, we decided to hit up a local independent furniture retailer For Your Home that’s right down the street from our place. We had been before and fell in love with all different kinds of pieces and it was hard to walk out with nothing. But, this time was different. We have been on the lookout for a coffee table and we found the perfect one!

**I should mention that since our move to CA we sold or purged a lot of our furniture and in a way are starting over. I wish I had a million dollars to completely decorate our home but alas we are working our way room by room and piece by piece.

When it comes to living my husband is a minimalist and I’m, well, not. One thing we do agree on is usefulness and investing in things with multiple purposes. This folding coffee table was the perfect find that satisfies both of our approaches to living.

Here’s a peek at our awesome new coffee table!

We love that it has a retractible top because it allows us to use it as a desk AND dining table!

Next our list is another sectional for our living room and finally a bedroom dresser to help with storage since our place doesn’t offer too much in that department.

What furniture are you falling in love with?

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