Valentine’s Day with Stella & Dot


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Valentine’s Day may be a made up holiday by Hallmark just to make a profit off our emotions, but nonetheless it’s fun to celebrate a day of full of love and spending quality time with the people important in our lives. Every now and again it’s nice to have that friendly reminder because too often does life tend to get in the way and we miss opportunities where we can just be two people spending time together.

This V Day the hubs and I are heading up to Santa Barbara for a nice dinner and evening away from home. We are actually celebrating on Friday instead of Saturday because apparently it’s difficult to get a reservation (that was a fail on our part). But, there’s something nice about celebrating early and not getting caught up in the hoop-lah of it all on the day of. Plus we’ll probably spend the day adventuring and quietly spending time at home with our pup and a great bottle of wine.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to look my best for the occasion and today I wanted to share my top Valentine’s Day picks featuring pieces from Stella & Dot

I love Stella & Dot’s newest collection called Effortless Romance for this Valentine’s Day. Romance should be just that: effortless and these pieces add a pop of your own style effortlessly. I’m loving the rose gold and a touch of just enough shiny to draw attention and compliment your look. Here are a few of my favorite accessories from this collection:



Your look should look effortless whether you are spending the evening with your love or gathering with your girlfriends (and millions of other women) to see 50 Shades of Grey and Stella & Dot has just the right pieces for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Beautiful jewelry. Isn't it funny, the desire to look effortless takes so much effort ;)