Spring Inspirations


I’ve been pinning up a storm lately and maybe it’s due to spring time finally making it’s debut around here...or I just have a lot of free time this weekend. Nothing like warming weather and the feeling of needing to purge things and make room for the new. So, with that idea, and the fact that I have my 28 Before 28 list and completing at least one DIY Pinterest project is one task on the list, here’s some of the fun pins I’ve discovered lately.

+ flower bouquet door hanging
I love fresh flowers and the best part is finding new ways to display them. I love these different styles and the colors really add some fun to the front door.

+ short pixie haircut
I love my new short hair and this is definitely a style I plan on keeping throughout the spring and summer. Makes getting ready a snap and requires minimal maintenance.

+ monogrammed door decor
Another way to add fun to the front door is adding a monogrammed door hanging. I love the chevron bow and hydrangea flowers. Lovely colors for spring!

+ chocolate bird nests
These look so yummy! I’m eager to try these chocolate pretzel little nests and they’re perfect for Easter!

+ carrot cake oatmeal cookies
Another treat I love combines my favorite two flavors: carrot cake and oatmeal cookies. Why not put them together to make this healthy and tasty cookie?!

+ chalk board love
My husband and I always say I love you to each other but this fun chalkboard helps us narrow in on those specific actions and feelings. How lovely would it be to wake up or return home from work to see a new reason your partner loves you. So cute!

+ spring outfit
Maxis are the 'it' dress and skirt this season and I’m loving the coral, white, and chambray color combination of this outfit. I love this casual and comfy look.

+ caramel apple pops
I’m beginning to realize that I have a love affair with tasty treats...and this pin looks easy and delicious. I’ve always loved caramel apples but they can be so messy to eat. Making them in the form of pops helps manage the mess without missing the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a childhood favorite.

Happy spring! What pins have you discovered lately?

It’s My Birthday!


Today marks the 27th year since my birth and quite the 27 years it’s been. Well, I can’t really speak for possibly the first five or so years since I don’t remember....but nonetheless it’s been one crazy ride. And to think it’s not over yet.

Some birthday facts about me and March 28th:

I share birthdays with 3 friends...and some famous people: Lady Gaga, Julia Stiles, Vince Vaughn, and Reba. 

In 1972 The Beatles single “Hey Jude” hit #2 in the U.S. (via)

And I learned some really sad and tragic things happened in history today. #debbiedowner

And here are some snapshots from this morning...
My husband surprised me this week with these beautiful flowers and the orchid is from my friend and teacher at work! Adds such life to our patio!

I heard somewhere that ladybugs are good luck so I was excited to see one land right on our table this morning.

And this face...I just can’t even. Love this little guy so much!

I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and I look forward to having such a lovely day!

28 Before 28


My 27th birthday is right around the corner (like this Saturday) and as I continue to make my annual life reflections, it occurs to me that there is so much more that I’d love to do before turning 28. I’m not even sure if all of it can be done in 365 days but I’m eager to at least give the attempt. Because even if I can only cross off a few by this time next year, at least I tried and my hope is that I’ve become a better person than I was in this moment right now. So, here’s my list...
  1. Have a baby
  2. Have our home (finally) completely decorated
  3. Get my parents out to CA to visit
  4. Go camping
  5. Take a hot air balloon ride with my husband
  6. Visit the Getty Museum
  7. Travel more
  8. Take more photographs
  9. Learn more about how to use my DSLR camera
  10. Take a cooking class
  11. Look into getting my preschool teacher licensure {starting my studies summer ’14!!}
  12. Read a classic novel
  13. Complete a 5k
  14. Learn to make killer biscuits
  15. Read the Bible more often
  16. Find a new church {Ventura Missionary Church}
  17. Find a women’s small group
  18. Learn to surf with my husband
  19. Consistently use my Fitbit {see my weight loss journey here}
  20. Learn beginners Spanish
  21. Volunteer more of my time to others
  22. Grow my blog following
  23. Get to the gym at least 3x a week
  24. Travel to see family more
  25. Call my mom more during the week
  26. Take a cruise with my husband
  27. Travel up to Northern California
  28. Complete a Pinterest DIY project {see here}
Beginning Saturday I have one year to complete my list. I’m curious to see how much I can accomplish!

What achievements make your birthday list?

Traditional Marriage Under Fire


Lately there’s been a lot of buzz, mostly criticism, about Meghan Trainor’s new music video for her song “Dear Future Husband.” If you’re not familiar, here it is and the lyrics can be found here.

Caught up? Ok...

Just like in my post about Taylor Swift, I am going to already come forward and say that I’m not a huge Meghan Trainor fan. Honestly, if I could never hear All About That Bass ever again, that day couldn’t come soon enough. It mostly comes down to modern radio overplaying artists moreso than me disliking the artist in general. But that’s an entirely different argument.

From what I’ve gathered since this song and music video has been released, the main criticism that she’s facing are from people with the ideas that she
  • has outdated, traditional views on relationships (via)
  • she’s anti-feminist (via)
  • she’s not meeting modern day gender roles (via)
Here’s my stance on the subject:

We currently live in a society where traditional gender roles, and to be frank when that term is used it’s mostly in reference to women’s roles, are beginning to break down and in a more public way. Yes, for women’s rights there’s still a lot to be done in the way of equality amongst our male counterparts across the board. And yes, this is a fair assessment. 

However, as much as our modern society of women shame men for these gender roles, there’s a fair share of women shaming each other for their values in regards to their relationships, how to raise their families, and what kind of wife they need to be. All because of this concept of what our “new" roles should be.

I am a proud wife of a traditional marriage. In my marriage it is respected and understood by both my husband and I that he is the man and I am the woman and therefore there are certain expectations we have of each other. Now, I’m sure I’ve already begun to ruffle some feathers but stick with me on this...

The biggest difference between traditional in the common form of the term and my use of this term simply comes down to respect. My husband absolutely respects my role in our marriage and family and I his. 

+ I worked hard to earn a masters in education and plan to have a fulfilling teaching career. However, family is extremely important to me and I won’t think twice about becoming a stay at home mother once we begin having kids. This is my choice. My husband would be completely respectful if I chose this path or decided to go right back to work. But it’s my choice.

+ I believe that my husband should be the provider of our family. He works extremely hard at his job and works hard for our family. In comparison to my teaching career he will always make more money  than me and that’s just a simple fact. Teachers aren’t compensated for the level of work they do - it’s not a gender thing.

Maybe I’m not enough of a feminist but I don’t see how shaming women for living out both sides of the argument deserves shaming of any kind. As I understand it, Meghan Trainor wrote this song because it reflects her ideals for what she would like to have in her marriage. I’m of the mindset that if you disagree that’s okay and move on. There’s no reason to criticize her because she happens to be in the spotlight.

Do you have a traditional relationship? No? What’s your thoughts on Meghan Trainor’s video and song “Dear Future Husband."

What I’ve Learned About My Grateful Heart


Some may have noticed that this past weekend the blog had been quiet and not much going on. Well, it was and for a good reason. A few weeks ago I had an idea to fly back home to DC and surprise my best friend for a combined birthday celebration. Our birthdays are within a few days of each other and, prior to my husband and I moving, we had always wanted to do a fun combined thing with all of our close friends. But, alas we never got the chance since we moved across the country back in September.

One night back in the beginning of March I got this crazy idea and began setting things up with her husband, who did a fantastic job arranging, planning, and coordinating everything from my airport pickup to calling reservations for brunch, which isn’t easy for a part of 12+ people in DC (brunch is a THING there). I should also mention how amazing my own husband is for getting me the tickets to fly home since he’d be working all weekend.

I was so excited to surprise her but was equally excited to see all of our friends we left behind. It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of laughter, love, and good times.

So how does this relate to my gratefulness this Monday?

During my stay I encountered a hiccup (choosing to not go into detail because it’s well behind me now) involving friends of mine and, what I assume to be caused by jealousy (among other things). This is always uncomfortable and never something that anyone wants to deal with, especially when it is amongst friends. I love me some Real Housewives but I am in no way trying to live it out in my life. But, nonetheless it was something that I felt I needed to address because sometimes certain behavior is simply not okay.

What AM I particularly grateful for this week?

-I am grateful for my growth as an individual.
-I am grateful for my self-worth.
-I am grateful that I have found my voice and am no longer hesitant to stick up for myself.
-I am grateful for the friendships I have and how distance doesn’t affect their quality or value.
-I am grateful that I’m at a point in my life where I’m okay with the idea that not everyone is meant to be friends.
-I am grateful for the lesson that clarity can sometimes be achieved through conflict.
-I am grateful for the positive, supportive, people (and husband!) I have in my life and am reminded of that everyday.

I know this post seems to be quite serious in its nature but this weekend taught me many things both about myself and others. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week! Can’t wait to see who all linked up!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Enjoying the Little Things


I am a huge believer in the little things and truly enjoy the simple pleasures of life and yet again I am reminded of the love I have in my life. I have many ‘little things’ that I am grateful for (you can see a few of them here) and one of them is soaking up as much of the beach life as I can now that the ocean is literally right outside my door. I mean, who can really say that? 

With my birthday just almost a week away and everyone asking what I’d like I finally decided what I wanted: patio furniture for our home. We have this lovely patio space and it never gets used because we haven’t put anything out there. So, today as I was walking home I saw my husband greet me with Murphy (as he does every day) but this time he was sitting on our new patio furniture thanks to his parents! My in laws are amazing and always do such sweet things for the both of us. I should also note that he spent his day off picking it up, assembling it, and even bought decorative pillows and an outdoor rug all by himself! I am so happy with our new furniture and I’m excited to begin decorating outside!

See what we got!

And here are some of the pinspirations that I have in mind for future decorating...

Have a happy hump day!

My Grateful Heart


A case of the Mondays is often times difficult to bypass but starting out the week with a healthy and positive perspective is just what I needed to get through this Monday. I love Emily’s Grateful Heart linkup because it gives me the reason to speak (or write in this case) about the things I’m grateful for. I just feel like it is more meaningful when we make our gratitude known to others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for A LOT of things but here’s what’s currently giving me the warm and fuzzies...

- the joy and excitement of beginning our path to parenthood (no we’re not pregnant...yet...but trying sure is fun).
- our crockpot. this magical tool has been super helpful in preparing meals with our busy work schedules.
- iced caramel macchiatos. because apparently CA decided it’s summer already.
- teachers pay teachers. this marketplace has provided me with income that I can finally contribute to my savings again.
- easter break. because working at a private christian school has a week off dedicated to easter. yeah, that’s a thing.
- tax refunds. because it’s allowing my husband and I to travel.
- george. our tax specialist at h&r block. because he enjoys this stuff and I don’t. oh, and he got us a tax refund this year!
- my husband. because he’s awesome and does all the things I don’t want to do. like taxes.

What has you grateful this Monday?

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Crockpot Cheese Tortellini Soup


Another soup that is perfect for those chilly days is this creamy cheese tortellini soup (find the original recipe here). I love finding new opportunities to utilize our slow cooker and it makes a huge difference, both in time and in flavor. Combine simple ingredients such as vegetables, spices, and pasta and this dish is sure to please the whole family.

You can even turn this hearty dish into a vegetarian meal by substituting the meat with vegetables and incorporating vegetable broth instead of beef.

What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name exactly? Well, today I am going to share with you just how my blog name came to be and linking up with Kiki for The Circle’s March post: Sharing Your Blog Name Story

When making that decision that you’re going to begin blogging one has to decide on a name. But not just any name. A name that represents you as a blogger. A name that is simple but direct and sets you apart from the millions of other bloggers out there. Surprisingly, coming up with my blog name proved to not be all that difficult.

Primarily Inspired is quite literal. 

The Primary School Teacher...
am was (still in my heart!) a primary teacher and therefore have found my purpose in educating young children. Although I am not currently teaching since moving to CA, I do enjoy working as a teacher’s aide at a Christian preschool. I remember telling God that all I wanted to feel fulfilled is to work with children; even if that meant I wasn’t teaching. It was divine intervention that lead me to my school and a possible future as a preschool teacher could quite possibly be on the horizon (eek!). Primarily Inspired reflects the constant inspiration I find through working with children and how often these little three year olds teach me more about myself than I realize.

for the most part; mainly

as if arising from some external creative impulse

The Blogger...
Primarily Inspired also reflects the inspiration I find myself currently obsessed with. I find inspiration in everything and I love those little flashes that stir up opinions, emotions, and creativity within myself. And the best part is I love having my blog as the platform to share those stories or ideas.

Beginning a blog can be quite scary because you’re putting yourself out there in such a public way but I’ve found that amazing friendships and community can be fostered through blogging and I’m so grateful for those connections.

Be sure to link up with Kiki and all the other fabulous ladies over at The Circle!
What’s the story behind your blog name?

Before you leave...
I am so excited to share with you my newest sponsor Coffee with Summer! I love her helpful blog tips, coffee conversations, and her Christ-led life! Be sure to check her out on my sidebar and leave her some love :)

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Forever Ashley

Marriage Deal Breakers


As I was perusing the list of my favorite blogs, Forever Ashley’s post entitled, “Does Your Marriage Have a Deal-Breaker?”, stuck out to me and I found myself beginning to question and think about the points she makes as it relates to my marriage. Do I, in fact, have a deal-breaker? Is there one thing that would mean the end of my marriage?

Now, this concept of a deal-breaker is simple. Ask yourself: what, if any, is the one act that would mean the dissolution of your marriage? It is understood that when one enters a marriage it should be grounded in love, respect, honesty, trust, and so on. If that holds true, and people enter marriage with the best of intentions, then why does the divorce rate continue to be so high? Do people really jump ship that easily?

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When my husband and I met we happened to have just ended our respective relationships and weren’t eager to jump into another one so quickly. In fact, a relationship was hardly on either of our minds that evening. However, it’s funny to see how connections happen and how love develops when you meet that right person at that distinct right time. We dated six months before moving in together, then after a year and a half of dating got engaged, then wed six months after that. Now, I know that appears to be swift...and it is, we both would agree.

However, the difference is during that time we were dating we took an approach we never had before previously in relationships. We were honest, wholeheartedly, with each other and were up front about what we wanted from one another. I will call these the non-negotiables. These are values that are equally important to the both of us respectively and are things we will not tolerate within our relationship. Now, your list doesn’t need to be lengthy, but the reality is that we all have at least a few. Here’s a look at a few of our non-negotiables:

I want children. Maybe two.
I want to be married when we have children.
I want to raise our family in the Christian faith.
My husband must be a non-smoker.
I want to be completely open and included in the family finances.
Cleanliness and enjoys a clean home.

Must like children and dogs.
Must take care of yourself AKA don’t let yourself go.
Share the same interests.
Accept me as I am and to not try to change me.
Let me be the man in the relationship.
Must enjoy libations.
Must have good personal/oral hygiene. 

Having an open dialogue about these non-negotiables has been the strongest bond my husband and I both share. We respect the values and opinions we have and love each other despite what’s on our ‘lists.’ 

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Now back to this topic of deal-breakers...

I honestly can’t think of one stand alone action that my husband could commit, outside of cheating or domestic violence, that would make me walk away from our marriage. I have been open with him that divorce is the absolute last option and only will be considered when all other options have been explored. For example, I asked how he felt about counseling and he’s supportive of the idea should it come to that (some cultures look down upon marriage counseling). But nonetheless, if placed in a position where I felt our vows have been violated I would personally look at the root cause of the problem.

No one cheats when things are happy at home. Typically one act is caused by issues that have had time to fester and go without being discussed. Is communication off? Are we intimate with each other? Are we continuing to show respect towards one another? Are we giving enough time to the things that matter? These would be the first things that would come to mind if I felt as though there was an imbalance in our marriage. But at the end of the day it comes down to communication and the ability to for my husband and I to share our inner thoughts and feelings without the fear of judgement or criticism.

Be sure to check out Ashley’s original post here (and show her some love as she’s this month’s featured sponsor!) and let’s discuss your thoughts. What are your non-negotiables or deal breakers?

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Blogging Series: V1 // Getting Started


First things first...
Making that decision to begin blogging first began with the idea of sharing my adventures as a brand new teacher in kindergarten. It was a thought that was both fun and terrifying at the same time. I was eager to share lessons, crafts, books, and other ideas but I quickly noticed that I wasn’t the only one with that in mind. In fact, there were a good million of other, more established, teacher bloggers out there and it was quite intimidating just starting out. However, I pressed on and managed to gain a little following of my own. Literally had about two followers. Humble beginnings, people.

In the end my kindergarten blog ended up on the chopping block because it was a bit unrealistic to think that within my first year teaching (aka survival) I could manage the energy to post on a regular basis, keep up with linkups, and have enough relevant material to write about. Flash forward to the present and having taken what I’ve learned about blogging I’ve managed to build a little nest of my very own in the form of two blogs. Yes, two blogs! See one here and, well, you’re reading my other one. ;)

Although I’m not at the point where I can brag too much about stats, the point is that blogging has been fun and mostly because it’s been authentic to me. So, if you’re thinking about starting your own blog but have some reservations, I’ve decided to write my own little post about starting a blog in the hopes that it will help you become inspired! Please understand though that I am a humble, small-time blogger who enjoys sharing everything about my life in this little space. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve developed my own understanding by learning from others out there. I hope you find this post helpful :)

V.1 is just the basics of beginning a blog. My plan is to break this up into sections so you don’t feel completely overwhelmed. A lot of blogging is simply trial and error and you will figure things out as you go. I will also post helpful links that do the explaining better than I can and are meant to be resources to you! Let’s get started...

The first thing you need to consider when beginning a blog is that you need to be 100% YOU. It’s easy to get caught up in the stats (see my blog post about that here) and constantly compare yourself to the tens of thousands of other bloggers out there. It’s going to happen, trust me, but keep in mind that even the most successful blogs started out right where you are now. Slow and steady beginnings. So, with that in mind, keep your blog your own. This means:
  • post about topics that are interesting to you but are also interesting for your readers
  • be relevant to what your readership would want to read about
  • have opinions and don’t be shy about sharing them, just respect the other viewpoints people may have
No matter what platform or hosting site you use (there’s multiple articles on the Blogger vs. Wordpress debate) it’s important to invest in your blog. The free templates are okay but depending on the level of seriousness you’re putting into blogging, it’s worthwhile to invest in getting a custom blog design that best represents you. You know, going back to that whole being authentic thing. I have been using Shiny Magic Designs for a few years and love her work!
  • DO: use photos to spruce up your posts. Make post banners (those photo headers) so that your readers have a heads up on what they’re going to read about...plus those are the photos you want your readers to be able to share via social media.
  • DON’T: use copyrighted photos and ALWAYS give credit back to the source whenever you’re using photos or ideas that are not your own. 
  • DO: use a ‘pin it’ button for your photos so you, and others, can share them via Pinterest
  • DO: have social media buttons easily available on your blog. It should be easy for your readers to find a way to follow you.
The other piece to this is your blog name. Keep it simple but direct and with meaning. You also want to do a healthy check to see if the name isn’t already taken. Bloggers don’t like it when people steal...even if you don’t mean to. The internet is a big place so make sure to do your homework first. This is because many bloggers eventually use their blogs to make commissions or use it as a business and it just creates a lot of problems if you have the same name or something very similar.

  • Consider paying for a domain name. It’s worth the investment because you get to have your very own .com website, which makes it easy for readers to find you.

This piece is necessary if you’re living in the modern world. Everything is connected through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s an easy (and not to mention free) way to promote your blog, posts, or Etsy store. Gaining followers is important because, yes, you’re writing for yourself, but you’re also posting it for your readers in order to build a community and spark a discussion. Even if you don’t know how to use it or for one reason or another you’re against it, if you’re going to begin blogging I highly recommend making yourself more available.
  • DON’T: over advertise on social media. I don’t want to see only ads for your posts. As a reader I want to get to know you personally and this means sharing about YOU and YOUR LIFE...not just you as the blogger.
  • DO: link your blog to your social media accounts. This shares your post across all platforms and makes sharing easier.

One of the best decisions I’ve made is joining with other bloggers in various communities such as The Peony Project. I am able to share my own blog with others but most importantly, I have a safe place to bounce ideas off or get feedback about anything blog or post related. Finding that right community is great and it gives you a sense of belonging meanwhile establishing and fostering positive relationships.

Your blog is going to change and evolve over time and it’s not a bad thing. The original idea you have right now for your blog might change in a few months or even years from now. I first wanted to share my outfits and link up with other real fashion bloggers but found it to be too time consuming and eventually all my blog posts consisted of linkups and not authentic posts. Now, my blog represents me as I am right now and I don’t feel the pressure of having to ‘catch up’ with other, more professional, blogs (I mean, really, I don’t know how these ladies can be done head to toe with makeup, hair, and manage to have a professional photographer take shots of every outfit throughout the week!).

Blogging is the ability to learn as you go. There’s always going to be something new that you’ll learn or ways to improve your blog. I hope you’ve found these little beginning tips to be helpful and I’m excited you’re thinking about taking this first leap!

If you have found other helpful blogging tips be sure to share them in the comments!

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Five Things


Such cute water colors of the Union Jack by our class
Today was an exciting day as Her Majesty the Queen payed a visit to our preschool in celebration of the letter “Q” with a tea party. It was so much fun to prepare for and the kids loved seeing her while sipping on tea/lemonade and snacks. 

Loving my newest haircut! Went short again and just in time for this summer-like weather.

Due to the premier of House of Cards real life doesn’t exist anymore. All of my other TV shows have been on hiatus until the hubs and I have finished season 3.  #justonemoreepisode #dedication

Pregnancy wives tales. As my husband and I are beginning to get serious about beginning a family, and after a few baby dreams, I did the ring test today. I was eager to see what would be predicted and if it would, in fact, be true. The results: both times it rocked back and forth so I suppose I’ll be looking forward to boys in my future. The weird thing is that I did it to my husband and his results are exactly the same as mine. Crazy! I look forward to trying this again when I’m actually pregnant to see if the results are the same ;)

This week in particular I’ve noticed a huge jump in my blog following, which makes me so happy to see! It could be the giveaway going on or I’m just getting better at this whole social networking thing, but I’m happy to see that people care to read what is going on in my mind. As a blog grows, so do opportunities to work with other bloggers and brands. I love this post on tips for working with brands and monetizing your blog. Such good advice!

Have a happy weekend! 

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Friday? Can you hear me?


Phew....is it really only Thursday? I don’t know about you but this week somehow seems to be lasting forever and Friday can’t come soon enough. I say this even though I took off Monday to take my pup to the vet (he’s okay, just had diarrhea for a few days but proud to say his poops are healthy!) #notsomethingieverthoughtidsay

Work has been busy, commuting takes its toll, and I’m just flat out tired from this week. Am I the only one? Maybe it’s been those full moons lately...

But, with the snow storm(s) hitting the east coast, it’s making me miss a bit of it. However, I can’t say that I don’t mind the sunny and high of 75 degree weather. But, I see everywhere that everyone is bundling up, walking outside with the flurries, and enjoying days off from work. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous.

So, if you find yourself bundling up with a nice hot cup of tea, snuggling, and binging on Netflix, please know that at least one person is jealous even though I’m sure thousands would much rather be where I am.

I am looking forward to an evening with my boys, some yummy quinoa enchiladas, and binging on the next few episodes of House of Cards.

What are you up to tonight?

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Hair Reveal + J.Crew $100 Gift Card Giveaway


A few days ago I posted about my hair inspirations. I had perused Pinterest for hours trying to find the ‘look’ that I wanted to try next. Whenever it comes to my hair I love taking risks. It’s something that I change up from time to time and the best thing about getting your hair cut is that it grows back just in time for you to do something different with it.

I decided to grow it out for my wedding last year. Then right when we returned home I cut it into a fun angled bob. You know, the hairstyle Victoria Beckham made famous a few years back.
Then I grew it out again...

And now, once again I’ve returned to the pixie!

I’m loving my new cut, although it’s really nothing new for me. I always tell myself that when I want to grow my hair out I’ll do cute stuff with it. But in actuality it always ends up in a bun or ponytail. And that’s no fun at all.

With a short style, like a pixie, I am able to wear it in a few different ways. Plus this low maintenance cut is exactly what I need. Simply shower, blow-dry, add a little sea salt spray (thanks Birchbox!) and I’m good to go.

Now on to the good stuff...
I’m linking up with these fabulous ladies to co-host a giveaway of my favorite brand: J. Crew. I don’t know about you but I am in need of a wardrobe fix and a $100 gift card to J. Crew isn’t too bad. 

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