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Such cute water colors of the Union Jack by our class
Today was an exciting day as Her Majesty the Queen payed a visit to our preschool in celebration of the letter “Q” with a tea party. It was so much fun to prepare for and the kids loved seeing her while sipping on tea/lemonade and snacks. 

Loving my newest haircut! Went short again and just in time for this summer-like weather.

Due to the premier of House of Cards real life doesn’t exist anymore. All of my other TV shows have been on hiatus until the hubs and I have finished season 3.  #justonemoreepisode #dedication

Pregnancy wives tales. As my husband and I are beginning to get serious about beginning a family, and after a few baby dreams, I did the ring test today. I was eager to see what would be predicted and if it would, in fact, be true. The results: both times it rocked back and forth so I suppose I’ll be looking forward to boys in my future. The weird thing is that I did it to my husband and his results are exactly the same as mine. Crazy! I look forward to trying this again when I’m actually pregnant to see if the results are the same ;)

This week in particular I’ve noticed a huge jump in my blog following, which makes me so happy to see! It could be the giveaway going on or I’m just getting better at this whole social networking thing, but I’m happy to see that people care to read what is going on in my mind. As a blog grows, so do opportunities to work with other bloggers and brands. I love this post on tips for working with brands and monetizing your blog. Such good advice!

Have a happy weekend! 

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