Spring Inspirations


I’ve been pinning up a storm lately and maybe it’s due to spring time finally making it’s debut around here...or I just have a lot of free time this weekend. Nothing like warming weather and the feeling of needing to purge things and make room for the new. So, with that idea, and the fact that I have my 28 Before 28 list and completing at least one DIY Pinterest project is one task on the list, here’s some of the fun pins I’ve discovered lately.

+ flower bouquet door hanging
I love fresh flowers and the best part is finding new ways to display them. I love these different styles and the colors really add some fun to the front door.

+ short pixie haircut
I love my new short hair and this is definitely a style I plan on keeping throughout the spring and summer. Makes getting ready a snap and requires minimal maintenance.

+ monogrammed door decor
Another way to add fun to the front door is adding a monogrammed door hanging. I love the chevron bow and hydrangea flowers. Lovely colors for spring!

+ chocolate bird nests
These look so yummy! I’m eager to try these chocolate pretzel little nests and they’re perfect for Easter!

+ carrot cake oatmeal cookies
Another treat I love combines my favorite two flavors: carrot cake and oatmeal cookies. Why not put them together to make this healthy and tasty cookie?!

+ chalk board love
My husband and I always say I love you to each other but this fun chalkboard helps us narrow in on those specific actions and feelings. How lovely would it be to wake up or return home from work to see a new reason your partner loves you. So cute!

+ spring outfit
Maxis are the 'it' dress and skirt this season and I’m loving the coral, white, and chambray color combination of this outfit. I love this casual and comfy look.

+ caramel apple pops
I’m beginning to realize that I have a love affair with tasty treats...and this pin looks easy and delicious. I’ve always loved caramel apples but they can be so messy to eat. Making them in the form of pops helps manage the mess without missing the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a childhood favorite.

Happy spring! What pins have you discovered lately?


  1. the flower bouqouets are so pretty. my favorite is number 4.

  2. I am really excited about Spring this year! I'm loving all the cute DIY's and such on Pinterest. You picked some good ones! I really want to try to make a wreath soon. That monogram one is super cute!

  3. You can check out my DIY boards on Pinterest! I have pinned so many ideas. I especially like art work and home decor projects!

  4. Carrot cake AND oatmeal cookies? Yum! I was actually just thinking about baking a carrot cake this weekend and now those cookies are calling my name, too. Along with those caramel apple bites. I loooove caramel and apples. :)