What I’ve Learned About My Grateful Heart


Some may have noticed that this past weekend the blog had been quiet and not much going on. Well, it was and for a good reason. A few weeks ago I had an idea to fly back home to DC and surprise my best friend for a combined birthday celebration. Our birthdays are within a few days of each other and, prior to my husband and I moving, we had always wanted to do a fun combined thing with all of our close friends. But, alas we never got the chance since we moved across the country back in September.

One night back in the beginning of March I got this crazy idea and began setting things up with her husband, who did a fantastic job arranging, planning, and coordinating everything from my airport pickup to calling reservations for brunch, which isn’t easy for a part of 12+ people in DC (brunch is a THING there). I should also mention how amazing my own husband is for getting me the tickets to fly home since he’d be working all weekend.

I was so excited to surprise her but was equally excited to see all of our friends we left behind. It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of laughter, love, and good times.

So how does this relate to my gratefulness this Monday?

During my stay I encountered a hiccup (choosing to not go into detail because it’s well behind me now) involving friends of mine and, what I assume to be caused by jealousy (among other things). This is always uncomfortable and never something that anyone wants to deal with, especially when it is amongst friends. I love me some Real Housewives but I am in no way trying to live it out in my life. But, nonetheless it was something that I felt I needed to address because sometimes certain behavior is simply not okay.

What AM I particularly grateful for this week?

-I am grateful for my growth as an individual.
-I am grateful for my self-worth.
-I am grateful that I have found my voice and am no longer hesitant to stick up for myself.
-I am grateful for the friendships I have and how distance doesn’t affect their quality or value.
-I am grateful that I’m at a point in my life where I’m okay with the idea that not everyone is meant to be friends.
-I am grateful for the lesson that clarity can sometimes be achieved through conflict.
-I am grateful for the positive, supportive, people (and husband!) I have in my life and am reminded of that everyday.

I know this post seems to be quite serious in its nature but this weekend taught me many things both about myself and others. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week! Can’t wait to see who all linked up!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


  1. So many excellent things to be grateful for This is a great list and I'm happy you were able to go back to DC for your friend's birthday.

  2. Sometimes we have to go through the heavies to be truly grateful :-)
    Glad you had a (somewhat) exciting weekend

  3. Me too! It was so nice to see everyone and spend the weekend with all of them :)

  4. i love your words,very inspirational. there are so many thing to be grateful for and sometimes we forgot and we prefer to complain instead of being grateful.

  5. How sweet of you, to go through all the trouble (with husband help!) to surprise your friend! I actually love that you wrote what you did about finding your voice and standing up for things... I think among friends that can be really difficult sometimes (especially if you're a non-confrontational type). "Clarity can sometimes be achieved through conflict." LOVE that. Something I will be writing down to remind myself of later ;)

    Did you change the look of your blog?! I love it!