What’s In a Name?


What’s in a name exactly? Well, today I am going to share with you just how my blog name came to be and linking up with Kiki for The Circle’s March post: Sharing Your Blog Name Story

When making that decision that you’re going to begin blogging one has to decide on a name. But not just any name. A name that represents you as a blogger. A name that is simple but direct and sets you apart from the millions of other bloggers out there. Surprisingly, coming up with my blog name proved to not be all that difficult.

Primarily Inspired is quite literal. 

The Primary School Teacher...
am was (still in my heart!) a primary teacher and therefore have found my purpose in educating young children. Although I am not currently teaching since moving to CA, I do enjoy working as a teacher’s aide at a Christian preschool. I remember telling God that all I wanted to feel fulfilled is to work with children; even if that meant I wasn’t teaching. It was divine intervention that lead me to my school and a possible future as a preschool teacher could quite possibly be on the horizon (eek!). Primarily Inspired reflects the constant inspiration I find through working with children and how often these little three year olds teach me more about myself than I realize.

for the most part; mainly

as if arising from some external creative impulse

The Blogger...
Primarily Inspired also reflects the inspiration I find myself currently obsessed with. I find inspiration in everything and I love those little flashes that stir up opinions, emotions, and creativity within myself. And the best part is I love having my blog as the platform to share those stories or ideas.

Beginning a blog can be quite scary because you’re putting yourself out there in such a public way but I’ve found that amazing friendships and community can be fostered through blogging and I’m so grateful for those connections.

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What’s the story behind your blog name?

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  1. That's an awesome name!!! I love that it touches on pretty much ever aspect of your life and who you are! When a blog name comes from that place, it's bound to keep the blog going and on track! You know?

  2. Thanks! I’m thankful that it was pretty easy to come up with and I’m hoping that it’s something that, like you said, I can stick with in the long run :)

  3. That is so exciting that you just might have a lead toward getting a teaching job!!!

  4. What a fun story to your blog name! I like that you are so excited about teaching little kids! They are precious.

  5. That's really cool! I am always curious about why people choose their blog names, especially when it's something like yours that isn't necessarily self-explanatory. Thanks for sharing the story!

  6. I think you will!!! :)

    *~ Victoria*

  7. Love the meaning of your name at how literal yet very clever it is

  8. So I don't think I've ever told you before, but I absolutely adore your blog name and always have. As a fellow teacher, I love that you included that part of yourself and passion into your blog name.

    Secondly, I also love that your blog name doesn't just end there--but that it's also about sharing your story, life and inspiration as well.

    Thanks for linking up!

    p.s. I'm thinking I need to email you about this primary teacher turned preschool teacher thing. I've been going back and forth between wanting to pursue (teaching elementary school, that is) and would love to chat with you about both sides, if you don't mind doing so sometime! :)

  9. Thanks, Kiki! I love that my blog name doesn’t have just one meaning and that it allows me to develop my blogging voice over time without the need to change it in the future. And please do email me! I’d love to help in any way, especially since you’re thinking about making the transition to elementary school :)

  10. Thanks and you’re welcome! I loved the topic of this month’s post because it’s always fun to read about the inspiration behind a name. I’ve enjoyed reading the others who have linked up :)

  11. I plan to email you soon! I would love to just get your thoughts and insight into the differences between elementary and preschool. I go back and forth between wanting to teach elementary and not wanting to and just want to know your thoughts since you've been in both kinds of schools and classroom environments! :)

  12. Yeah definitely! Both has it’s pros. It also depends on the age group you’d like to work with. I got a K-6 degree or you can go for primary only which is K-2nd if you prefer to work with the little kiddos. Feel free to email me anytime as I’d love to pass along any knowledge that might be helpful to you :)

  13. It took me forever to start my blog because it can be hard to choose a name. I wanted to make sure it truly meant something to me, and wasn't random. It's great to know I'm not the only one that felt this way. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your blog name is perfect! I love that it has multiple meanings, and I love that you are rocking the early childhood educators life. I used to be a pre-k teacher and I miss it almost every single day! Of course I love my middle school kiddos too, but no one can replicate the sweetness of a 4 year old. <3