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I have been involved in a love affair for over three years now...with bareMinerals makeup. I first discovered bareMinerals when I stumbled into one of their boutiques at my local mall. I was at first hesitant because I hate being forced into conversation with the sales people and I didn’t want spend hours talking about makeup; something I didn’t put too much thought into at the time.

It was 2012 and I was curious about this newfound mineral makeup trend I had seen pop up everywhere. Up until then my makeup routine was, at best, a love/hate relationship. I had tried the liquid foundation but found it to not match my skin tone and was walking around with an obvious more tinted face than the rest of my pale body. I tried brands from both drug stores and larger retail stores such as MAC (whose makeup ladies scare me with the amount of makeup they wear), Sephora, and Ulta, which both would cause my skin to break out. No bueno. However, I took a chance and decided to see what bareMinerals had to offer a girl like me with no makeup skills or knowledge and on that very day I had become a believer.

I decided to take a chance and let the kind sales lady do my makeup in the chair and finally learned how to apply and correctly use each step from foundation to eye shadow. Although there were a few more steps than I had anticipated, I was happy with the lightweight feeling of mineral makeup vs liquid. I was pleased that I had found makeup that matched, and complimented, my skin tone and was easy to use. Since then I only use bareMinerals.

Long story short, today I am so excited to share with you the newest bareMinerals addition to my makeup bag, which is their Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Cream!

I first fell in love with BB cream a few years ago and again flirted with it when I received one in my Birchbox. I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy the full-sized bottle of it. But, eventually I used it all and had yet to reorder any.

What I love about BB and CC creams is:
+ they're lightweight, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything additional
+ it takes the place of some makeup primers
+ you get an overall skin tone correcting affect
+ it’s smooth, non-oily, and perfect for all skin types
+ you only need a drop

On my most recent trip to San Antonio I stopped in a boutique to get a new blush and to check out this new complexion cream. I spoke with the sales lady and once again I wound up in the chair and and before I knew it she was helping me pick out my shade. I was sold instantly.

One fear of mine was this idea that in using this cream I wouldn’t be able to pair it with the mineral foundation I already have. Wrong. I have been using this cream in addition to my normal makeup routine and have found that it only compliments, if not more-so, my overall look without the affect of feeling and looking like I’m wearing too much makeup...especially in the Texas humidity.
 One aspect to investing in your makeup that I cannot express enough is investing in the tools that are worthwhile and important to applying your makeup perfectly every single day. It’s like when you go to the salon and get a $100 hair cut and style but not thinking about purchasing the styling tools or products to give you the same look once you go home and attempt it yourself. What exactly are you investing in? The important factor here is that you are able to recreate what the stylist did yourself. Same goes for makeup.

Yeah, it’s an additional $20+ for all the different brushes, and I’m not saying you NEED every single sized brush in your makeup bag arsenal, but consider the necessary ones for applying the makeup you’re purchasing.

I purchased the brush applicator along with my Complexion Rescue because this brush is designed for applying liquid and does a fabulous job at giving my skin that radiance I had been looking to achieve as well as the perfect overall coverage for the problem areas.

Take a look at my results (click to enlarge)

As you can tell in my before picture, you can see how I suffer from the red spots, uneven skin tone, and I should say that Texas humidity does nothing for your skin except cause breakouts #spoileralert. 

The after photo is just the use of the Complexion Rescue. Isn’t it amazing that in one step I was able to brighten and soften my complexion AND find a tint that perfectly matches my skin tone? Seriously.

And the final photo is me with my finished overall look. I promise that ALL of these photos are unedited or altered in any way. Talk about courage, haha.

Want to get my natural look?

I’m very impressed with my newest obsession and I hope that if you’re looking for a lightweight radiant look, consider visiting your local bareMinerals boutique and have one of the helpful ladies give you a tutorial. It’s so worth the time and you learn so many tricks of the trade in the process.


What makeup products are your go-tos? Are there any brands or products that you swear by?

It’s FIESTA Pt 2


Hi everyone! We are home sweet home and it feels so good to not be living out of a bag anymore and attempting to find the most comfortable position on a plane so I could sleep (see my original post about that and my tips for traveling here). Oh and one thing I should have added to my list of travel tips is to ALWAYS CLEAN THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. It’s so nice to return home and everything is in order.

I had such a great time in Texas and look forward to the next time we get to visit. For all of you that don’t know, my husband is originally from San Antonio and so we try to get to his family’s house at least once a year, around Christmas time (and hopefully once during the summer), but with our big move back in September we didn’t have the funds to do any traveling. Although that sucked, it put us in a position to save and finally make our trip down...err...East and get to experience FIESTA!

I wrote a little about FIESTA in my previous post here but I wasn’t able to include my favorite photos from our trip due to the computer I was using. So, without further ado here are some instas and other shots from our trip!

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I’m not big into Coachella but these flower halos are super adorable and I couldn’t resist! 

A photo posted by Kelly Daniel (@kjdaniel1) on

I love getting to spend time with my husband’s goddaughter and her family. I mean, how adorable is she?! My hopes is that one day our babies could be blessed with a face like hers.

You just have to get a Hurricane when visiting Pat O’Briens...or two...

Philip and his sister...so much love here.

The rest of my trip consisted of being away from my phone and internets, staying in my pajamas for one whole day watching Maury, eating tacos and Bill Miller BBQ to my hearts content, and playing Catchphrase with family until 2am. 

I’d say we had a pretty successful trip! 



I can't even begin to believe that our trip to see family in San Antonio is almost over. I always look forward to visiting each and every time because it's an opportunity to catch up with loved ones, create new memories, and of course, eat!

One little routine, or tradition as I like to refer to it as, that I have is to eat an enchilada the day we arrive. I couldn't tell you why or where it comes from but without fail for the past three years I've always celebrated our homecoming with a nice hot, melty, cheesy, enchilada. I know, I immediately turn into the biggest fat kid but I have no regrets.

This week was also especially important for me because I finally had the chance to celebrate FIESTA and NIOSA with Philip and his family. Ever since we started dating he had always described this festival that happens every year in San Antonio and how much fun it is. However, our work schedules never allowed for us to take the time off to make it.

But not this year...

For those who are not familiar: FIESTA is an annual event hosted by the city of San Antonio that celebrates it's diversity and culture over a period of two weeks at the end of April. It began as a simple parade but has evolved into more of a larger culture festival incorporating a variety of food, music, and varying cultural events. One event in particular, one that Philip looked most forward to, is NIOSA, which stands for Night In Old San Antonio.

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And more photos to come!

Packing For a Carry-On


We are heading off to San Antonio, TX this morning and I am very much looking forward to relaxing with family, drinking some good wine, eating a copious amount of Mexican food, two-steppin’ to my hearts content, and most of all: experiencing Fiesta for the first time! So, without needing to explain further, the blog will be a little quiet for the next five days and I am going to enjoy every moment. 

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One of the most important skills I’ve learned since meeting my husband is packing for a carry-on no matter where you’re traveling to. He has always been able to pack everything he’d need for a trip into a duffle bag and it was something I wanted to learn how to do. Since starting three years ago, it’s hard for me to see how I got around before. Why pay the fees and lug a large piece of luggage around if you don’t have to?

Here are some of the tips and tricks to packing for a carry-on that have helped me in the past regardless of my destination.

1. Plan and Coordinate.
I will always make the case that it’s much harder for women to pack a carry-on than a man simply because we have ‘outfits’ that need to be practical, comfortable, and of course, cute. Whereas men can wear the same shirt and shorts all throughout their trip. 

+ To get the most out of the space in your bag plan and coordinate outfits that share common basic pieces such as skirts, shorts, dresses, or pants. 
+ Always pack the basics such as camisoles, cardigans, and a white t-shirt. 
+ Don’t forget your accessories!


2. Saving Space & Packing Smart.
The ultimate key to fitting multi-outfits in a carry-on is how you pack it all. Be smart and try to fold, roll, or squeeze as much as you can to make room for it all. Consider wearing larger items while flying rather than packing them to save room.

+ Save space in your bag by rolling your clothes or bag them using gallon-sized ziploc bags.
+ Take 1-2 pairs of different shoes depending on where you’re going. I love taking sandals, flip flops, and my Tom’s. 
+ Use a shower cap to keep shoes from getting your packed clothes dirty.
+ Plan a comfy airport outfit!

3. Put Your Large Purse To Work.
We all have them, and if not it would be wise to invest in one: a large purse. I love using my Longchamp bag to travel with because it’s, well, large and it doesn’t have any flashy labels or brand names anywhere, which is important for traveling overseas.

What’s in my bag?
+ iPad, iPhone
+ Headphones
+ Wallet on hand that's easily accessible for when navigating the airport.
+ Sunglasses and reading glasses

Keep room for:
+ Any snacks or water purchased after the security checkpoint
+ Magazines

Huffington Post: DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

4. Packing For the Flight
One thing I’m still learning to do is passing the time on flights. Luckily San Antonio is only 3 hours but nonetheless I’ll need to do something to keep me busy and my mind off the traveling part of this trip.

Here’s some things that you can do to pass the time:
+ Sleep. One of the easiest things to do is sleep but for some reason I can’t ever sleep on a flight. Ever. And it’s the most frustrating thing so good for you if you’re everyone else and can manage to get comfortable to get some shut eye. Just know I’m that woman across the aisle giving you the stink eye because you can sleep on flights and I’m jealous.
+ iPad/iPod/iAnyDevice. Keep busy with apps, music, ebooks or audio books. Also, something I just discovered are podcasts and these guys are great for keeping your mind busy during those longer flights.

And before I leave you I HAVE to share this! How many times have you been on a flight and had to suffer through the safety video or demonstration? Virgin knows how to keep my attention :)

Have a great week!

Filling My Grateful Heart


Having gratitude and being able to acknowledge the things or people in your life in which you are grateful for is something that helps me navigate this hectic, and sometimes distracting, life of mine. Typically I list of a few things that come to mind in which I am grateful for but today I am doing something a little different and sharing with you what is filling my heart with gratitude this week.

I will begin with my gratitude for my friends in introducing me to a new church that I’ve quickly fallen in love with. Finding and attending a new church regularly had been on my big list of things to do once we got settled after moving and here I sat at 6 months later and had yet to find a service to attend. Flash forward to Easter weekend and I caught my friend heading to church and thought to ask her about what church she goes to and before I knew it my husband and I have continued to go and I feel as though it’s one more puzzle piece that has fit in my life.

This leads me to my grateful heart. 

I’m loving the teaching from the current series: The Pursuit of Happiness because it discusses our desire to feel contentment in our lives with a focus on the book of Philippians. I feel as though this series speaks directly to what my husband and I have been experiencing in our lives as of late and in some way it’s like a major sign that this is the message we need to hear.

11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.
Philippians 4:11-12

+ I am grateful because I have learned contentment through the Lord because I have finally learned how to  praise Him for the plenty in my life, but, most importantly, through the hardships I can do the very same. I sing worship to Him when I am troubled and have found this is the quickest way for me to reset my thinking and therefore my attitude. For insight, read about how I found contentment and hope after my miscarriage here.

+ I am grateful because at this moment I feel pure happiness. I feel as though I am learning how to maintain happiness rather than be in the pursuit of it. This is by far the most fulfilling feeling especially considering I’ve spent many years putting the foundation of my happiness in the hands of people or things, to which we all know never works out the way we want.

+ I am grateful to see the workings of God in my life and am in awe of His direction for me. To have that kind of clarity is simply euphoric. 

If you’re interested in checking out this series and would like to read over the discussion questions and listen to the sermons via podcast, you can do so here. We’re only into the second week so there’s still more to learn in how to find happiness and contentment :)

Have a lovely week and be sure to linkup with Ember Grey and Oak & Oats!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


Learn about my favorite initial necklace and win one here!

My Favorite Initial Necklace + GIVEAWAY


Happy weekend everyone! 

Today I am so excited to share my newest personalized initial necklaces by one of my favorite Etsy shops, Bijoux by Desi F! I’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of personalized jewelry because their effortlessness, and not to mention, they’re hella cute!

Desi has been my go-to designer for handcrafted jewelry ever since I discovered her last year on Etsy. She makes all of her jewelry herself and is always looking for new delicate and sophisticated pieces to add to her collection. I always look forward to finding something new to order and I can’t say that about too many things!

Here’s a peek at what I received this week!

I love reading her little handwritten notes!

This bar necklace is a new purchase for me and I am so happy with it! I had always wanted something that represented my husband and I and this little piece is perfect for just that.

My very first purchase from Desi was a ‘K’ initial necklace and it met its end last year when we were preparing to move. I had decided to wear it since I was afraid it would get lost in the mix but then Murphy, who was a little puppy at the time, jumped up and snagged the chain and it broke (see my original post about that here and for a fun Kardashian photo that summed up my feelings).

Nonetheless, I am so happy to have finally replaced my necklace! I just love the quality of Desi’s jewelry and will always refer her shop to friends and family.

Be sure to connect with Desi!


I am so excited to host this giveaway featuring Desi’s shop where one lucky winner will receive a FREE initial necklace of their choice! 

Giveaway will run from 4/18 - 4/26

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Hope you have a great weekend!

Five Things Friday + Linkup


What a busy week especially heading back to work from my lovely Easter break. Here’s a peek into my week and five things I’ve been up to and loving for #fivethingsfriday!

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This week we did some exploring and decided to head a bit north to the city of Ojai, CA. Every month we love meeting up with other Dachshund owners for a few hours of fun play at a local dog park. Not only is it fun for our little Murphy, but it gives us humans a chance to spend some time in the beautiful little town nestled in Ojai. After grabbing some lunch (and bottomless mimosas for $12! #winning) we found this cute little store...
I was initially drawn in by their interesting, handcrafted, garden decor. But, once I was in the doors I couldn’t help but walk around and want everything. Eventually ended up leaving with these cuties:
I’m a sucker for signage about love.

Isn’t this gourd birdhouse just adorable?!

And we LOVE this pillow:
A photo posted by Kelly Daniel (@kjdaniel1) on

Don’t live in CA? That’s okay because you can shop their store online here! I love supporting local artists and this shop does just that!
I have about an hour and fifteen commute to work every morning and something that helps me ease into my day is spending that time listening to a little of On Air with Ryan Seacrest but I also spend the majority of my time listening to worship on my Hillsong Pandora app. It’s a little thing each morning that helps me focus on what’s important and the attitude I should have for the day :)

What do you listen to on the way to work?

Not quite sure if this is a good thing because it highlights the possible addiction I have to coffee. Not really, though. I average about a cup a day, which isn’t really that bad. I suppose it’s more about the amount of money I’ve spent at Starbucks this year to earn Gold Card status.

Any other goldies out there?!

Naked Wines.

Have you heard of Naked Wines before? I’ve talked about them here and I can’t say enough great things about the service! Do you love wine? Well, for $40 a month (or more if you’d like) you help fund local winemakers in CA to do what they do best. It’s like investing in the wine you drink. What happens to that $40? It becomes your credit, which goes towards any shipment of wine.

I just put in an order for 12 bottles and with my credit was able to only pay about $47. Show me that kind of deal elsewhere for great wine!

I’m kind of obsessed with this aztec cardigan! Fingers crossed it appears in my next Stitch Fix!

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Grocery Shopping Made Simple


Meal planning, whether you’re single, cooking for two, or your whole family, is extremely important if you want to stay organized and save money from week to week. I do want to start out by mentioning that in no way am I an expert on grocery shopping nor do I claim to have the best practices. However, I am excited to share what works for my husband and I in hopes that you can walk away with some helpful tips that work for your budget and family.

1. Set a budget and stick to it each week.
This should be the first thing that anyone does before heading to the store. Take a glimpse into your finances and see what kind of budget you should set for grocery shopping each week. You should also take into consideration when you’re hosting a dinner or it’s a special occasion because it’s always going to put you over. The other big item that can sneak you over your budget is alcohol so be conscious of those bottles of wine or 6 packs.

A photo posted by Kelly Daniel (@kjdaniel1) on

2. Pick budget friendly grocery stores.
There are a million and one different grocery stores out there and each one provides something different and will affect your weekly budget differently. My husband and I began shopping at Whole Foods when we first moved in with each other and set a budget of $150 a week. Yeah, right. Although Whole Foods has healthy and organic food items, I find a lot of their products to be overpriced. So, keeping that in mind, we only shop at WF when we need a specific ingredient that we can’t find elsewhere.
Shopping at Trader Joe’s has saved us so much time and money ever since we switched. We have been able to lower our grocery budget to only $100-$120 average a week and it’s been working (that’s an extra $30-$50 a week we save)! Yeah, they might not carry everything but we love working with less and anything we absolutely NEED can be easily found at Target or another grocery store chain.

What do we buy in bulk at COSTCO?
+ garlic
+ butter
+ meat
+ olive oil
+ flour
+ parmesan cheese blocks
+ paper towels
+ toilet paper
+ makeup remover wipes
+ alcohol (sometimes)
3. Eating healthy is always going to cost you more. It sucks but it’s true.
This is the unfortunate side to America’s development of processed and hormone riddled foods over the last decade. This means that consumers today have to be willing to spend more for organic, non-GMO, grass fed meat, and cage free eggs. Do your homework and research grocery stores in your area that provide healthy options for you and your family. This bit of work will save you in the long run. Also consider Farmer’s Markets in your neighborhood! I know we don’t always carry cash anymore, but I love resting easy knowing where my food comes from and I feel good when supporting our local farm community!
4. Create a menu each week.
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Meal planning does take time out of your day and can sometimes be tedious. However, the biggest difference we saw in what we saved at the grocery store comes from pre-planning a menu each week. Pinterest is wonderful for getting inspired, Weight Watchers recipes are easy and healthy, and perusing through Bon Appetit and other food magazines are also great inspirations for meals throughout the week. Look up crockpot meals to help with saving time or choose meals with little prep and cook time. You can also check out some of the recipes I’ve shared on the blog here :)

A photo posted by Kelly Daniel (@kjdaniel1) on

5. Write a list. Live by the list.
Always make a grocery list based on the needed ingredients from your menu. Try to pick meals that share ingredients so you don’t run into having herbs spoil or not using up all that chicken stock you bought. Each item you have to throw away is dollars and cents going out the window so be aware of what you buy and how much of it you intend to use.
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**Never heard of Naked Wines? It’s the best wine service I’ve seen and I’ve been an Angel member for almost a year. For $40/mo you support and invest in CA-based winemakers meanwhile earning a credit towards any shipment of wine. We’ve saved so much money on wine because of Naked Wines and it’s fun getting to taste different varietals or ordering our favorites. The best part is that you receive your wine within 3 days of ordering! Learn more and check out their FAQ page here.

6. Have fun with dining out!
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I always look forward to those times when either of us can ditch the home kitchen and go out for a nice evening where someone else cooks for you. It’s kind of the best feeling. One way you can actually save money when dining out is happy hour specials. Look up local restaurants or bars in your neighborhood and see what deals they have for happy hour. Typically you can enjoy discounted drinks and the small plates are delicious, perfect for sharing, and best of all: affordable.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful as you plan your meals this week! Be sure to follow this linkup hosted by fellow Peonies: Lori at the Boutelle Family Blog and Ashley over at Grace Mountain Diaries

Five Things Friday + Linkup


One brand of post I’ve seen all across the board is sharing out five things from your week each Friday. I would participate with my teacher blog all the time and it was fun to see what other bloggers were up to inside and outside of the classroom. When I saw this same concept was being shared on lifestyle blogs too I got really excited. So, I decided that I would attempt to host my very own weekly linkup sharing out five random things or loves from the week.

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A video posted by Kelly Daniel (@kjdaniel1) on

The biggest highlight from my week has been getting to spend extra time with this goober. This is Channing and he is my (almost 2yo) nephew. He loves anything related to cars, obsessed with yogurt dot snacks, and can really belt out a tantrum or two...but, I love this kid. 

This From Pin to Present took some time and work...to the point I was ready to give up and throw it out. I had seen this on Pinterest and spent the afternoon buying the materials and putting it all together. I had never worked with Gorilla Glue before and didn’t know that it gets foamy and expands. I thought it would go on like woodworking glue and seal. Wrong. However, with the rescue of my husband, I was able to salvage my project and make this house number succulent wall planter. (Just don’t look too closely. From far away it’s hella cute.)

Next time I’ll just buy the damn thing.

Probably THE funniest roast I’ve seen in a while. Definitely invest in seeing the uncensored version simply to get the full effect of the jokes. Kevin Hart did a fantastic job hosting and seriously Pete Davidson from SNL and Natasha Leggero were by far the funniest. Go watch it. Now.

And just because I’m on a roll with my affinity for hilarious female comedians...how excited am I for Inside Amy Schumer to return?!
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New blog discovery! I recently was followed on Twitter by Shauna Mackenzie who is the founder of Best Kept Self. I just had to share because I love the whole concept of her business. It’s all about discovering and maintaining, well, your best kept self! Take a look at one of the posts I can for sure relate to this week and I urge you to continue to snoop around. Such great things happening there :)