Finding Hope After Feeling Lost: My Story of Miscarriage


When it comes to planning a family one is filled with excitement, maybe a healthy level of nervousness, but most of which, one feels things inside them that they never had felt before. At least, that is what it had been like for my husband and I. Ever since we began dating we’ve always talked about our love of children and that we were both excited by the thought that one day we would bring our very own baby into the world. Maybe two.

Last month we both decided that we weren’t necessarily trying to conceive, but rather we were not preventing it from happening. In doing so we were excited to see if our efforts would produce those magical positive lines on the pregnancy test...but all-the-while remembering to not get our hopes up if it doesn’t happen on the first attempt. However, one morning I decided to take a test after I hadn’t gotten ‘aunt sue’ the previous weekend and it seemed we got it right and ‘pregnant’ appeared on our at-home test. OMG.

In that moment I stood still looking at the test, making sure it was real. I was flooded with emotions that ranged from disbelief, excitement, fear....everything you could possible imagine. My husband was working that morning and my first thought was to call him immediately to tell him the news. However, I knew that the building he works in gets poor reception and frankly it would be a long shot to get through to him right away. After a few failed attempts to get a hold of him he finally calls and I tell him the news. His reaction was priceless. There was this small pause and the only thing he could utter was “really?!”. To hear the excitement in his voice will be something I will remember forever.

The following week we were excited new parents of a tiny being the size of an orange seed, or so the What to Expect app told me. Philip and I were beginning to think into the future of what it would be like to have a baby around the house, planning ahead in terms of the furniture we’d need for the apartment, and coming up with fun ways to tell our parents in the coming weeks. I had the beginnings of cravings....meat and a lot of it. I felt especially tired. All. The. Time. Although I didn’t ‘look’ pregnant, it’s a funny feeling because I believe each woman just knows when her body is different. It’s a weird but enjoyable feeling all around. And setting that first doctors appointment makes it all the more real.

For many days that week my husband had been working mid-shifts, which means he goes into work at midnight and returns home around 8am. It was a Sunday evening and a few hours after going to bed Philip awoke to get ready for work. I noticed I had been experiencing some minor cramping, but nothing to alarm me. After he left my cramps were becoming more intense, almost like when I start my period. I was beginning to feel a bit nervous but tried to remain calm and pray for God to watch over me and our little orange seed.

Another thing you’ll notice when you get pregnant is the need to pee all the time. So, around 3am I got up to use the restroom and what I found terrified me and broke my heart all at the same time. Blood. Not just the ‘normal’ spotting everyone tells you is fine; actual blood. I knew deep down what was happening but it was almost like I didn’t want to believe it. I was miscarrying at 5 weeks.

The worst feeling beyond what was happening was experiencing it alone. With Philip at work I couldn’t process that at that moment the fact that I was losing our first pregnancy. I was filled with guilt because I thought I had one job and I couldn’t do that right. For some reason my body was rejecting something my husband and I looked so much forward to and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. All I could do in that bathroom was pray.

When you miscarry, no matter how far along you are, it isn’t just one event that occurs. It’s made up of a bunch of smaller events that almost makes you relive the previous one, making it feel that much worse. So, not only was my body going through this process, my mind was racing, my emotions were all over the place, and now I had the job of telling my husband....while he was at work. I got him on the phone and all I could do is cry and tell him that I was losing the pregnancy. The heartbreak I could sense over that phone call was even more heartbreaking. You may not know, but pregnancy is an exciting period for both the expectant mother AND the father. To know that this news crushed my husband, and me having to be the one to tell him, shattered me. After having a moment to process what I had told him, he told me to call our doctor and see what we should do next. I did. At 3:30am and the doctor told us to come in when the office opened at 9am. I took off of work to make that appointment and Philip came home right then.

If I didn’t already feel like a failure, sitting in a doctors office filled with pregnant happy women and couples who are making their routine visit didn’t make me feel any better. Here I sat, in sweats and oversized sunglasses to hide my swelling eyes, trying to blend into the walls so no one could see me and the pain I was feeling. I was sitting there, continuing to bleed and lose what would have been our baby, embarrassed and humiliated. Finally it was our turn and the doctor confirmed what we already knew. He sent me to get blood work done and we are to make an appointment for two weeks later and we would reconvene and make a plan to move forward. The rest of the week the cramps continued and I experienced what is like my period. 5 days. 5 days of being reminded of what we lost and what I couldn’t provide for my husband and I.

However, amiss all of this pain, the one thing I didn’t do was try to find blame. I didn’t question “why is this happening to me?!”. I understood that, for a reason beyond myself, this pregnancy didn’t take. It wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do. It was simply that it wasn’t meant to be this first time around.

I learned a lot throughout this process and my faith kept me strong even through the toughest of chapters. I didn’t question God’s plan for us, I didn’t question why He would allow such a horrible thing to happen, and I didn’t distance myself from Him. I kept Him close. From the joy we shared when finding out we were pregnant to sitting, crying, alone in the bathroom. I kept Him close when feeling humiliated in the doctors waiting room and when I had to sit there to get my blood drawn to confirm I had miscarried. I continue to keep Him close and I know He continues to walk with my husband and I as we navigate the next few steps in our walk towards a family.

Through this experience I may have lost our tiny orange seed that would have been our baby, but I’ve gained so much more:
+ this brought my relationship with my husband to a new level of love and compassion
+ my faith and relationship with God is so much stronger
+ learning we can get pregnant and that infertility isn’t an issue
+ we know more than ever that we’re ready for a baby
+ this isn’t going to keep us from trying again
+ I am less fearful of the things I cannot change
+ I am more than a statistic
+ puts the petty nonsense of life into perspective. this experience gives you focus.
+ this is what I live for:

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I share my story because I am no longer ashamed, humiliated, or otherwise feel like I’ve failed at being a woman. I know our story of starting a family is not over and both my husband and I are eager to begin trying to conceive again. My hopes in sharing my story is that it somehow finds someone who needs to hear it. Someone who may be experiencing, or have experienced, the same pain as thousands of other women.

You are not alone and it will get better although hearing it won’t make you feel better about what happened...yet. You are strong and will pick up the pieces and know that He is with you every step of the way. Share in your praises but also share your pain with Him as he experiences this with you.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.


  1. Beautiful and brave, Kelly, thanks for sharing it. I've been there too. It was one of my hardest days.

    I found you on The Peony Project - I'd love for you to check out my new blog: :)

  2. Thank you for sharing Lindsey :) I look forward to following a fellow Peony!

  3. Oh Kelly I've been there too sweet girl! We went through the exact same thing last May at 7 weeks. It was devasting, soul-crushing. I was depressed and my husband was angry. It was hard to understand and to cope with. I would have been due Dec 23rd which made this past Christmas a really tough holiday. Last night we decided to start trying again. I kept telling my husband I needed to wait until after December. I needed it to be it's own experience because otherwise I felt like I was just trying to create a "replacement" baby. You're definitely not alone and I'm glad you have a sweet husband and a strong faith to help support and guide you through this.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, but thank you for sharing your journey. We've been trying for a few years and someone once told me that while each woman's journey is different there are similar feelings/frustrations. It is so helpful to share and many go through this alone.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that but don't lose hope that doesn't mean there is something bad with you, most young women first pregnancy isn't successful you're not alone and soon you will have a beautiful baby in your arms

  6. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, Kelly. I may not be a wife or mom or someone who's been there, but I know that times of hardship and pain are, well, just that. So sorry to hear that you had to go through that but so in awe and so humbled by your ability to be brave, share your story, and just cling to hope, your family and God. Sending hugs your way! :)

  7. Though I have never experienced this (I was told at 18 I would never have children, have had cervical cancer, and am menopausal at 33- so that sealed the deal) I cried for you. I could feel your pain and the feeling of failure. What I clung to most the fact that you said you did not blame but took faith in our heavenly father. You are a brave & strong woman, Kelly. Thank you for sharing this heart-breaking story with your readers. I am glad through this all your faith has become stronger and that your relationship with your husband has become an even greater bond.
    God Bless you both!

  8. Thanks, Kiki! And thank you for stopping by :) You’re right. Hardship and pain is something I know everyone can relate to and my story is no different. I love how you made that point clear because often times others can feel as though they can’t be there for someone because they themselves haven’t experienced that kind of pain. However, we can all find hope that there is that light at the end of the tunnel. For me, life goes on and my life is much bigger than just me.

  9. Oh, Brittany I’m so sorry to hear that! I have come to find that there is no shame and even having a baby doesn’t define you as a woman. I love how strong you are and how you’ve kept yourself together all of these years. I appreciate your readership and kind words.

  10. It’s also difficult when, in your mind, you start planning for something and then it somehow ends and you’re left with this memory that won’t come to fruition. I can understand that pain. I pray for you and your husband that one day you’ll be blessed with another pregnancy. I read somewhere, and something that has kept me going, is that we are waiting not just for a baby but OUR baby. That day will come :)

  11. You are not alone. Thank you for writing about this and being so open and honest about your experience. It is wonderful that you have grown closer to God through it and not pushed Him away. I have had two miscarriages and a molar pregnancy and these experiences have been so formational in my relationship with God and with my husband. I wrote a post about how even when you miscarry, you have become a mother, EVEN IF NO ONE KNOWS! I'd be honored if you'd read it:
    I have three little boys now and I can testify that God truly is faithful. Blessings on you and your husband as you try again!