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One brand of post I’ve seen all across the board is sharing out five things from your week each Friday. I would participate with my teacher blog all the time and it was fun to see what other bloggers were up to inside and outside of the classroom. When I saw this same concept was being shared on lifestyle blogs too I got really excited. So, I decided that I would attempt to host my very own weekly linkup sharing out five random things or loves from the week.

I know it’s Saturday but due to timing I’m a bit late with this post. My apologies. Be sure to link up every Friday right here on the blog and it’ll stay open all week long :)

How does this work?

1. Linkup a blog post that shares either five randoms from your week or five things you’re loving from the week. Feel free to include giveaways or your shop! Don’t forget to borrow the linkup button at the bottom of this post.

2. Be sure to link back to my blog so people know where to find the linkup :)

3. If you share via social media, use #fivethingsfriday so I can find you and share your post!

4. Lastly, please be sure to visit the other blogs that linkup and leave a meaningful comment. 

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The biggest highlight from my week has been getting to spend extra time with this goober. This is Channing and he is my (almost 2yo) nephew. He loves anything related to cars, obsessed with yogurt dot snacks, and can really belt out a tantrum or two...but, I love this kid. 

This From Pin to Present took some time and the point I was ready to give up and throw it out. I had seen this on Pinterest and spent the afternoon buying the materials and putting it all together. I had never worked with Gorilla Glue before and didn’t know that it gets foamy and expands. I thought it would go on like woodworking glue and seal. Wrong. However, with the rescue of my husband, I was able to salvage my project and make this house number succulent wall planter. (Just don’t look too closely. From far away it’s hella cute.)

Next time I’ll just buy the damn thing.

Probably THE funniest roast I’ve seen in a while. Definitely invest in seeing the uncensored version simply to get the full effect of the jokes. Kevin Hart did a fantastic job hosting and seriously Pete Davidson from SNL and Natasha Leggero were by far the funniest. Go watch it. Now.

And just because I’m on a roll with my affinity for hilarious female excited am I for Inside Amy Schumer to return?!
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New blog discovery! I recently was followed on Twitter by Shauna Mackenzie who is the founder of Best Kept Self. I just had to share because I love the whole concept of her business. It’s all about discovering and maintaining, well, your best kept self! Take a look at one of the posts I can for sure relate to this week and I urge you to continue to snoop around. Such great things happening there :)



  1. i would love to link up but i really don't understand the rules, would you explain me please, by th way next friday i host a pinterest party link up, you only have to pin the features to your pinterest and then add your link , we will pin it in our board but also you get a chance to be next party feature. We would love you to join!


    The Color Palette

  2. Not a problem! All you do is write a post sharing out five random things from your week. It could be anything personal, on your blog, or just what you’ve been up to. Or you can share five things that you’re loving this week from a recipe, a blog post, a new Pinterest DIY pin, etc. It can be as specific or random as you want :)

    I will look into your Pinterest party. Sounds like fun!

  3. i've never write a post about that, as soon as i do i will linkup heree . Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this link party, I had so much fun doing this blog post. I thought of doing some sort of top random things but never really done it on a weekly basis, now I have a reason to do it. Cannot wait to see others five random things.