It’s FIESTA Pt 2


Hi everyone! We are home sweet home and it feels so good to not be living out of a bag anymore and attempting to find the most comfortable position on a plane so I could sleep (see my original post about that and my tips for traveling here). Oh and one thing I should have added to my list of travel tips is to ALWAYS CLEAN THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU LEAVE. It’s so nice to return home and everything is in order.

I had such a great time in Texas and look forward to the next time we get to visit. For all of you that don’t know, my husband is originally from San Antonio and so we try to get to his family’s house at least once a year, around Christmas time (and hopefully once during the summer), but with our big move back in September we didn’t have the funds to do any traveling. Although that sucked, it put us in a position to save and finally make our trip down...err...East and get to experience FIESTA!

I wrote a little about FIESTA in my previous post here but I wasn’t able to include my favorite photos from our trip due to the computer I was using. So, without further ado here are some instas and other shots from our trip! should be totally following me on Instagram if you’re not already ;)
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I’m not big into Coachella but these flower halos are super adorable and I couldn’t resist! 

I love getting to spend time with my husband’s goddaughter and her family. I mean, how adorable is she?! My hopes is that one day our babies could be blessed with a face like hers.

You just have to get a Hurricane when visiting Pat O’Briens...or two...

Philip and his much love here.

The rest of my trip consisted of being away from my phone and internets, staying in my pajamas for one whole day watching Maury, eating tacos and Bill Miller BBQ to my hearts content, and playing Catchphrase with family until 2am. 

I’d say we had a pretty successful trip! 


  1. So much fun!! And yes to cleaning the house before you leave... we usually do that but didn't this last time and it was absolutely no fun walking into a mess. I can't get over your hair- it's so cute on you!

  2. Cleaning the house beforehand is sometimes something that we miss but this time around it proved to be so helpful since we got in on Sunday and had to jump right back to work on Monday. Cleaning is the last thing I wanted to do.

    And thank you!! I had it short a few years ago and grew it out for my wedding. I was happy to chop it all off once again and I love how low maintenance it is. You should try it Emily! :)