I can't even begin to believe that our trip to see family in San Antonio is almost over. I always look forward to visiting each and every time because it's an opportunity to catch up with loved ones, create new memories, and of course, eat!

One little routine, or tradition as I like to refer to it as, that I have is to eat an enchilada the day we arrive. I couldn't tell you why or where it comes from but without fail for the past three years I've always celebrated our homecoming with a nice hot, melty, cheesy, enchilada. I know, I immediately turn into the biggest fat kid but I have no regrets.

This week was also especially important for me because I finally had the chance to celebrate FIESTA and NIOSA with Philip and his family. Ever since we started dating he had always described this festival that happens every year in San Antonio and how much fun it is. However, our work schedules never allowed for us to take the time off to make it.

But not this year...

For those who are not familiar: FIESTA is an annual event hosted by the city of San Antonio that celebrates it's diversity and culture over a period of two weeks at the end of April. It began as a simple parade but has evolved into more of a larger culture festival incorporating a variety of food, music, and varying cultural events. One event in particular, one that Philip looked most forward to, is NIOSA, which stands for Night In Old San Antonio.

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And more photos to come!

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  1. Whoo! That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to visit San Antonio one day. I keep hearing excellent things about it but I haven't been able to make it out there. My in-laws love it though so one day...