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We are heading off to San Antonio, TX this morning and I am very much looking forward to relaxing with family, drinking some good wine, eating a copious amount of Mexican food, two-steppin’ to my hearts content, and most of all: experiencing Fiesta for the first time! So, without needing to explain further, the blog will be a little quiet for the next five days and I am going to enjoy every moment. 

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One of the most important skills I’ve learned since meeting my husband is packing for a carry-on no matter where you’re traveling to. He has always been able to pack everything he’d need for a trip into a duffle bag and it was something I wanted to learn how to do. Since starting three years ago, it’s hard for me to see how I got around before. Why pay the fees and lug a large piece of luggage around if you don’t have to?

Here are some of the tips and tricks to packing for a carry-on that have helped me in the past regardless of my destination.

1. Plan and Coordinate.
I will always make the case that it’s much harder for women to pack a carry-on than a man simply because we have ‘outfits’ that need to be practical, comfortable, and of course, cute. Whereas men can wear the same shirt and shorts all throughout their trip. 

+ To get the most out of the space in your bag plan and coordinate outfits that share common basic pieces such as skirts, shorts, dresses, or pants. 
+ Always pack the basics such as camisoles, cardigans, and a white t-shirt. 
+ Don’t forget your accessories!


2. Saving Space & Packing Smart.
The ultimate key to fitting multi-outfits in a carry-on is how you pack it all. Be smart and try to fold, roll, or squeeze as much as you can to make room for it all. Consider wearing larger items while flying rather than packing them to save room.

+ Save space in your bag by rolling your clothes or bag them using gallon-sized ziploc bags.
+ Take 1-2 pairs of different shoes depending on where you’re going. I love taking sandals, flip flops, and my Tom’s. 
+ Use a shower cap to keep shoes from getting your packed clothes dirty.
+ Plan a comfy airport outfit!

3. Put Your Large Purse To Work.
We all have them, and if not it would be wise to invest in one: a large purse. I love using my Longchamp bag to travel with because it’s, well, large and it doesn’t have any flashy labels or brand names anywhere, which is important for traveling overseas.

What’s in my bag?
+ iPad, iPhone
+ Headphones
+ Wallet on hand that's easily accessible for when navigating the airport.
+ Sunglasses and reading glasses

Keep room for:
+ Any snacks or water purchased after the security checkpoint
+ Magazines

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4. Packing For the Flight
One thing I’m still learning to do is passing the time on flights. Luckily San Antonio is only 3 hours but nonetheless I’ll need to do something to keep me busy and my mind off the traveling part of this trip.

Here’s some things that you can do to pass the time:
+ Sleep. One of the easiest things to do is sleep but for some reason I can’t ever sleep on a flight. Ever. And it’s the most frustrating thing so good for you if you’re everyone else and can manage to get comfortable to get some shut eye. Just know I’m that woman across the aisle giving you the stink eye because you can sleep on flights and I’m jealous.
+ iPad/iPod/iAnyDevice. Keep busy with apps, music, ebooks or audio books. Also, something I just discovered are podcasts and these guys are great for keeping your mind busy during those longer flights.

And before I leave you I HAVE to share this! How many times have you been on a flight and had to suffer through the safety video or demonstration? Virgin knows how to keep my attention :)

Have a great week!

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