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I would like to think "where did this week go??" but I feel as though "where did this MONTH go??" is more accurate! April just kind of came and went and here we are with the first of May. Sheesh.

I’ve been a little MIA lately on the blog and it’s mostly due to me adjusting back to the work week since we returned from San Antonio and to put it simply...I’m just tired. I have to keep in mind that every so often it’s okay to take time away from the blog. If I don’t feel inspired to write then I don’t my sincere apologies but it was kind of nice to just relax ;)

With that being said I DID want to share my five things from this week and I hope you link up sharing yours!

This week I went to yoga for the first time. OMG. Now, I should mention that it was hot yoga, a little detail I didn’t find out until we began the class. Although it was challenging, I did really enjoy it. I love feeling like I got a whole body (and mind) workout without having to go to the gym (because I hate the gym). And I give major credit to those who practice yoga because it’s seriously no joke and takes a lot of strength to do the poses correctly.

I’m sure you’ve seen this Huffington Post article going around and if you haven’t, take a little bit of time to take a peek. It will seriously give you the feels. Be prepared with tissues when you get to #1.

My sister-in-law is Jenny from Jeneric Generation and she is just beginning to make her transition back to blogging since giving birth at the beginning of the month. Here she shows off my newest niece, Violet, and what it’s like being a new mom and balancing life, blogging, and baby. Give her some love if you haven’t already :)
One of my favorite blogs to read is Cupcakes & Cashmere and this week she posted some really cute ideas for Mother’s Day. I can’t believe it’s coming up soon! What ideas do you have for your mother?

This quote from scripture has stuck out to me this week and I challenge you to find things in your life that fills your heart with joy. It’s easy to become frustrated or upset over trivial things throughout your week but one thing that has always helped me keep perspective is finding joy in the little things.

What are you loving from your week? Be sure to linkup below!

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