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Today I am very excited for more than one reason. It’s officially one week away from our last day of preschool, tonight we are meeting up with friends in L.A. who are visiting in town for Memorial Day weekend,’s a three-day weekend, and it’s an early release day at school. All is well this Friday and I can’t wait to read up on what you’ve been up to this week!

Here are my five favorite things and be sure to catch the linkup at the bottom of this post.

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One of the biggest things to happen this week is the newest addition to the Daniel household and that is our little Lexus hybrid! See my original post here to read all about my grateful heart and the decision to let go of my dream car.

I have discovered the Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks and it’s been the greatest revelation I’ve made all week. I love my coffee, especially my Iced Caramel Macchiatos but with trying to stick to my points I’ve needed to find a new approach to my love of flavored coffees. I order a tall SVL and it comes out to only 2 points! I get my coffee fix and it doesn’t taste half-bad either. Win, win!

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One of my favorite things every week is enjoying my Sundays going to church with my husband. This photo was taken after church and I was enjoying a nice mocha latte while discussing our thoughts on that day’s message. I love that church has continued to bring us closer together as I love getting inside my husband’s head and heart. I always pray over my husband and I am thankful that we share this important time together. 

One of my favorite Weight Watchers recipes from this week was the Slow Cooker Red Bean, Sausage, and Rice Soup. We skipped the slow cooker and swapped the rice for rice noodles (less in points than regular rice) and it was a hit! I love the flavor of the andouille chicken sausage, which gives the soup a savory, spicy, almost cajun taste. Only 5 points for a 1 1/2 cup serving!

I HAVE to get some photos up soon of my recent outlet purchases from Banana Republic and J.Crew! Let’s just say it was a lot of jumpsuits, rompers, a floppy hat and fedora, and a cute spring scarf! With 50% off everything sales going on I couldn’t resist! Plus, I’m all set for our trip to Hawaii ;)
For the longest time I figured jumpsuits are for the slender bodied gals only but these cute numbers are so comfy and flattering I had to pick up more than one! Plus the striped cotton dress is only $12 after the sale price!

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