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Happy Friday everyone! I’m back with my five things I’m loving from this week. As you may have noticed that I’m no longer hosting it as a linkup. After a few weeks it just wasn’t getting the steam I had hoped for but nonetheless it hasn’t deterred me from sharing my week with you all! Thank you to the few who have linked up in previous weeks!

Every week my husband and I do trivia at a local bar. It’s a fun time we spend together trying to remember little bits of useless information. Typically we have a team of about six people but last night it was just the two of us and we won FIRST PLACE! It’s the little things. The winnings? A $25 gift certificate to the bar we play trivia at ;)

This photo is from a while ago but is an example of what you win for second/third place. We have more than enough pint glasses. It’s become a little joke between our friends that if we were to win these pint glasses again the ‘pint glass fairy’ would leave them on the doorstep of those who couldn’t make it to trivia that night. Okay, it’s a lot funnier in person.

I just found out that at work I will be moving up from the preschool next year and be assisting with first grade! It’s crazy how one minute I’m with three year olds and then the next I’ll be back in elementary school with six/seven year olds again...

If you’re a teacher or interested in following me and my adventures in first grade, be sure to check out my teaching blog Sliding Into Second Grade (I created this when I was a second grade teacher)!

28 Before 28

If you’re not familiar, I’ve created a list of things I would like to accomplish before my next birthday, hence: 28 Before 28. One of the things on my list that I can’t quite cross off, but that I am doing consistently, is using my Fitbit. I love this little thing and I kick myself for keeping in my makeup drawer in the bathroom for so long.

It measures the steps I take each day and I’ve set a goal for 10,000 steps. Last night, and in conjunction with going to the gym, I was able to get over 15,000 steps in and it made me feel great to accomplish (and exceed) my daily step goal. This is just one easy thing I’ve added to help keep me active and motivated throughout my weight loss goals.

Link up with me every Saturday to share your fitness goals and progress each week. Check it out here for more details and previous posts!

And in keeping with my weight loss, I’ve officially hit the milestone of 5lbs lost total after this week! I kinda felt that I could have lost more but it was a holiday and we went to trivia and had some fries and onion rings. Which, by the way, tasted amazing. I should note that my husband and I DID go to the gym prior so I do win some brownie points there, right? Nonetheless, I’m very happy about my loss for this week!
One of my favorite snacks I’ve found via Pinterest are these yummy and healthy apple cookies. Just slice an apple, spread your favorite peanut butter, add some nuts (or I used coconut), and a little dark chocolate and these will keep you going. Find the recipe here.

And if you’re not already, find this recipe and other pins by following my Cookbook board on Pinterest!

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