Happy Mother's Day


Mother's Day is a time to celebrate all the mommies out there and to truly appreciate their constant love and support.

It's not just another Hallmark holiday, at least not to me. My mom may not be the lovey-dovey, constantly saying 'I love you' type, but she's the one who has always protected me from the world and has taught me the importance of being a strong woman...even if it took me about 20 years to get that. She was the one who allowed me to fall because she knew that I had to learn to pick myself up. She may not have been the school volunteer or the head of the PTA; she was more than that. My mom may have this hard exterior, however she's the same woman who balled her eyes out when I learned to tie my shoes. Apparently as a parent when your child learns to tie their shoes it can be very traumatic. 

So, today appreciate the mom in your life and appreciate her for who she is. Appreciate their love, no matter what form it comes in. Appreciate that while you were experiencing life, you had a mom in the background following you every step of the way...just in case you needed someone to catch you.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to every mom out there!

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