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I am going to begin with saying that I love my body. However, it took a long time to get to this place but, I’ve managed to find my inner Beyonce (or I guess it’s Meghan Trainor now??) and embrace my curvy shape regardless of what size is trending at the moment. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will always have double-digit pant sizes and I’ll never be able to look like the skinny women on hundreds of fitness inspiration boards on Pinterest. It just won’t happen and I’m okay with that. I have an amazing husband that loves my curves who finds new ways to make me feel beautiful and that is what matters. That is what makes me comfortable and confident in my body. I am happy. I am loved. And most importantly: I love myself.
With all that being said, I, like many other women, have moments where I feel as though I don’t have anything to wear, I feel bloated and none of my pants seem to fit right, and the last thing I want to do is see my reflection in the bathroom mirror (which by the way, has horrible lighting and does nothing for my self-esteem). I’ll admit that the last few weeks months I’ve indulged in delicious foods, wine, and desserts while not keeping up with the gym or otherwise being active. This, by no surprise, has caused me to gain weight. So, as a lover of food and wine, I need to get back into portion control and learn to balance the cheat days with more greener, healthier eating days. Plus, seeing your weight for the first time in a year on a scale is enough motivation to at least get started.

I am of Irish descent and that means I come from a big big family; both figuratively and quite literally. I grew up always being the heavier one of my friends and although I am not overweight, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the scale (I mean, who doesn’t...please let me not be the only one!). I’m not so much into dieting because it’s not a realistic way for me to approach food. If I try to cut out my favorites such as sweets, coffee, carbs, or alcohol, I’m already setting myself up for failure (especially that last one). What I need is a plan that allows me to enjoy the foods I love meanwhile teaching me the skills for a healthier lifestyle. This is where my trusty friend, Weight Watchers, comes back into my life.

I first fell in love with WW when I was about six months out from my wedding date. I was going to wear a strapless, fitted dress and I wanted to look and feel amazing in it. So, like every other engaged woman out there, I hit the gym, registered for a half-marathon, and found a nutrition plan that worked for me. 

I am the type of person that needs structure to do anything and this applies to my health too. I personally love the point system because it holds me accountable for what I eat and drink in a days time. The first time I tried it, I admit, I was a bit skeptical but I was amazed at how quickly I was beginning to make better decisions about what I was eating. For example, if I really want that Chickfila meal with sweet tea, I can have it and it will be delicious, but I’ll be spending half of my point values on that one meal alone. Or it means I have to get my butt to the gym in order to earn some of those points back with activity. See how this works?? Amazing and yet so simple. Keeping track of my points is easy and even moreso with their free phone app where I can log my food and activity each day. I can even scan the barcodes on foods, or search for them, to know exactly how many points it’s worth and how it fits into my daily allowance. 

Here is what you can expect while on the points+ plan and MAKE IT WORK:
+ be prepared to drink water like a camel and pee like one too
+ it will motivate you to be more active with earning points you can use for food
+ you’ll find yourself eating more veggies and fruit because they’re worth 0 points
+ your grocery bill will be slightly more expensive because you’re eating fresh
+ you’ll save money on all the alcohol you won’t be buying
+ invest in a scale (you can slowly start to tolerate it in your bathroom over time) for your weigh ins each week
+ you’ll find over time that you become more comfortable and satisfied with smaller portions. But that first few weeks are hell (because you’re hungry. all. the. time)
+ although you may not see your progress from day to’ll look forward to your weigh in day and see how your hard work is paying off
+ don’t weigh yourself every day. Just once a week otherwise you’ll be bummed out and it’ll take away from the excitement of seeing the scale drop each week
+ your first time you’ll become a little neurotic about the points
+ you will feel bad about giving in to your cravings but try to realize that you CAN have those cheat meals but it shouldn’t keep you from hitting your goals
+ you’ll have a greater appreciation for food
+ you’ll pick up some great cooking skills with easy ingredients and fun recipes

Every Saturday for the next three months I have a weigh-in and I get to see my progress for that week. It’s a chance for me to see what went well and areas I could improve going into the following week. I look forward to sharing this experience with all of you even though the discussion of weight can be very uncomfortable.

If you are looking to slim down or get to your fitness goal, I would love for you to link up with me each week on Saturday for the next three months to share how your week went; through the ups and downs of weight loss. My purpose for this is to empower, support, and motivate fellow women in their health lifestyle goals!

Feel free to grab this button and sample topic questions for the linkup! See you Saturday!
By no means do you have to subscribe to Weight Watchers to participate in this linkup. 
It is all about sharing your experiences as you reach your health goals from week to week.

Here are the topics that I will be discussing each week:
1. Ultimate Goal
2. Gain/Loss From the Week
3. Total Loss Since Starting
4. Positives From the Week
5. Things to Work On
6. One Goal For Next Week
7. Motivator
8. Tip or Trick

Ultimate Goal
What is the end result you are looking for? Is it a dress size, a goal weight, or something else? This will stay the same throughout the 3 month linkup.

Share the pounds you’ve gained or lost that week. It’s a great motivator to see your progress and even if you’ve gained, you can pinpoint what happened and how to improve the next week.

Total Loss Since Starting
This is the fun number to watch each week because it does nothing but grow even if you can’t necessarily SEE it happening.

Positives From the Week
What went really well this week that you’re proud of?

Things to Work On
We all have them and it will change from week to week. What is one thing you want to do better or begin doing?

One Goal For Next Week
If you could do one thing differently that would help you reach your ultimate goal what would it be? More sleep? Walk more? Drink more water? Pick something achievable in a week’s time.

What kept you motivated that week? Is it a photo, quote, or a feeling? Help others get motivated by sharing what motivates you!

Tip or Trick
Have you discovered a tip or trick that helps you stay on track towards your goal? Have a new recipe or helpful tip that could benefit others? Share here so we all can find new ways to make weight loss easier and not feel so much like a daunting task.

You can also catch me linking up with Oak & Oats ;)

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