Saying Goodbye: A Grateful Heart


Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do. Even if it’s to a car. For me, it was saying goodbye to a car that had extraordinary meaning and was a reminder that anything is possible through hard work and discipline.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

To begin...
I am lucky enough to say that I was able to gain a quality education and even graduate with a master’s degree at 23 years old. Not to mention I was the first in my family to do that. So, it was kind of a big deal for me. During that time, as a part of my studies, I had to complete a year of intense student teaching and an internship of which I couldn’t work and therefore earn an income. 

Introducing my first experience with credit. I had to get my first credit card to pay for my bills during that time I was out of work. I considered myself financially conscious and was aware of the pitfalls of having credit, which could get me into trouble. I did what I could, but before I knew it I had reached my balance and ended up getting a second card to help with my additional expenses. By graduation, I had two maxed-out credit cards and was swimming in debt, only adding to what I would owe for student loans.

Although it was embarrassing to confront, or even discuss at the time, Philip helped me get on a simple financial plan in order to work through these credit cards and eventually pay them off. I remember being on vacation with him, in Turks & Caicos of all places, and paying my final balance. I can’t even describe to you the weight that was lifted once I read that $0.00 balance...on BOTH cards.

Funny enough, my car at the time, a 2000-something Hyundai Santa Fe, was beginning to show signs of death and I knew that it was only a matter of time before it crapped out on me. I knew that I needed a new car and soon. Funny the way the universe works. Oh you just paid off your credit card debt? That’s nice. Now the undercarriage of your car is going to rust and fall out.

Finding Mini...
I had always loved Mini Coopers and it was once only a dream to own one. They were cute, compact, and had just enough sportiness that made them fun to drive. After discussing it, Philip took me to a dealership and spent the afternoon test driving some of their models. After driving a few, and over the next few weeks contemplating on which I liked most, the day finally arrived where I was in a position to buy my first brand new car. Finally I was about to embark on purchasing my dream car; making that dream a reality.

May 18, 2013
This was me almost two years ago to the day when my Mini Coupe arrived all the way from Oxford, England. Instead of purchasing something off the lot, I went with designing and creating my own coupe from scratch. I opted for the two-seater coupe because at the time I didn’t need the extra room since it was just me and Philip. Also, it was perfect for living in DC because you could park it anywhere. The coupe was a brand new model and I loved the fact that I didn’t see many of these driving around (I mean, EVERYONE has the two-door hardtop).

However, within that two year period of owning my dream car, my priorities had shifted. I had gotten married, we adopted our fur-baby Murphy, moved to CA and now we are in the phase of trying for a family. This all equates to needing to upgrade and find a more practical car for our growing family and accommodate my lengthy commute to work each day.

May 17, 2015
After many months, dealerships, test drives, and changed minds later we finally found THE ONE. I am so happy with our new Lexus Hybrid CT 200h because it’s a smooth drive, enough room for company (and an eventual car seat), saves on gas, and is oh so pretty ;)

So, what am I grateful for? 

I am grateful...
+ to my husband for providing me with a family I can’t do without
+ that we are in a financial position to buy a new car
+ for hybrid technology, which makes my commute so much easier
+ that my Mini will soon be someone else’s dream car

Most of all, God has been so good to our family and I am more than grateful for His love and blessings. Without His good work in our lives we wouldn’t have been in the position to make this purchase.

Do you have something you’ve worked hard to earn? What helped you reach your goal? What kinds of sacrifices did you have to make? Let’s talk!

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