Slim Down Saturday + Linkup {5.16}


Halleluja I’ve made it through week one and I am so excited with the results I’ve seen these fast five days. I know it’s probably more water weight than anything else but it’s weight loss nonetheless and we all have to start somewhere. Today I am excited to begin the first Saturday in this series Slim Down Saturday and will be posting and linking up every weekend for the next three months. 

Series Inspiration:
I chose this amazing quote to be the series inspiration because as women, we should love to be ourselves, aspire to do great things, TO LOVE OUR BODIES, and to believe in the things we can achieve even when we face challenges. So, if you are inspired to get healthy this season and want to share your journey, be sure to join the linkup as I would love to meet you and share in this experience together!

The Results Week One

Ultimate Goal
My ultimate goal is to reach my goal weight, which is to lose about 40 lbs.

Gain/Loss From the Week
-2.8 lbs!

Total Loss Since Starting
-2.8 lbs

Positives From the Week
Of course losing almost 3 lbs is a huge positive from this week because it hasn’t been the easiest start staying within my points. But a couple major positives is that I am sticking to my points and getting to the gym 3x a week.

Things to Work On
One thing I would like to work on is drinking the full 8 glasses of water every day.

One Goal For Next Week
Continue to eat more fruit (0 points!) and other healthy snacks for those hunger pings throughout the day and in-between meals. 

A good playlist for the gym. Nothing gets you in the mood to break a sweat more than a good playlist of your favorite artists. I love using the Top Hits station on Pandora because a lot of the music out right now have a great tempo for the gym and I love discovering new artists!

Here are a few of my favorites right now:
+ GDFR by Flo Rida
+ Hey Mama by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj 
+ Where Are U Now by Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber
+ Elastic Heart by Sia

Tip or Trick
One tip for this week that has worked for me, that even I was a bit skeptical about, was making sure to eat a healthy breakfast to start my day. One way I do this, especially when I don’t have the time to sit down and eat all the time, is breakfast smoothies. I found a recipe on Pinterest and it has been a great meal replacement option, keeps me feeling full, and is packed with protein and nutrients...oh and it tastes really good!

I got through week one and I’m excited to go into next week! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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