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Before diving into this review I need to preface that I am not vegan nor do I adhere to the lifestyle completely, however, I have learned a thing or two from this cookbook by Adam Sobel, the owner and chef of the food truck Cinnamon Snail. 

One of the main things I’ve learned, is to not be fearful of vegan or vegetarian dishes. Just because it doesn’t contain meat or anything that comes from an animal doesn’t mean it lacks in flavor or fullness. The next thing I’ve learned is that you can use different ingredients to substitute for others and playing with spices or broths can really bring out savory flavors.

I’ve loved reading through this cookbook and attempting different recipes. The fact that it’s vegan has exposed me to more fresh ingredients and, for that matter, ingredients I’ve never cooked with before. The first recipe we tried was the Shredded Root Vegetable Hash Browns. Saturday morning my husband and I headed off to our local farmer’s market and was able to pick up fresh veggies, fruits, cheese, and of course you have to get the kettle corn! We weren’t able to find any parsnips so we had to take some liberties with the recipe.

I definitely recommend using a tool that can shred your vegetables for you. We didn’t and therefore just had chopped veggies instead. I had never worked with turnips before and have discovered that they’re quite tasty and almost have a potato quality to them. Another ingredient we couldn’t find was celery root, which is very different from celery I’ve come to find out. Regardless of not having everything the recipe called for, it was simple, easy to do, and tasted absolutely amazing.

I paired my hash browns with a fried egg and, of course, shared my attempt on Instagram (see below). I was so excited to see that the official Cinnamon Snail commented on my photo! However, I was a bit bummed that they didn’t so much agree with my fried egg (you know, cause it’s not vegan to have a chicken egg with your hash browns)...nonetheless it was pretty cool they noticed; even if it was for breaking the rules.

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Like I said, we aren’t vegan, but my husband and I have an appreciation for all food and are excited by the opportunity to find recipes that expand from different lifestyles, cultures, and incorporate exotic and new ingredients for us. For dinner that evening my husband made the Coconut Curry Soup from Street Vegan (and they would be happy to know we played by the rules and didn’t stray from the recipe!) and yet again we were happy with how well it turned out!

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