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Today I am linking up with fellow Peonies with May’s prompt about hospitality. Summer is almost here and this means warm weather, iced drinks, good food, and keeping with great company whether it be with friends, coworkers, or family. 

1 Peter 4:9 
Be happy to have people stay for the night and eat with you.

I have always had the love of entertaining in my soul but it always comes down to not having enough space in our home (we are apartment dwellers), not enough time to plan, or not having the money to pull something together. However, one goal of mine for this year is to entertain and host a get-together with our friends at least once. Finally I get to put my Inner Hostess Pinterest board to some use!

One idea I’ve always had was to share in my husband and I’s love of wine with friends for a blind wine tasting experience.

My husband is the real wine obsessor enthusiast and he’s shared his passion for wine with me, especially now that we’re living in California. Through volunteering with him at his favorite tasting room, Artiste, watching countless Netflix documentaries and movies, and just enveloping ourselves in deep conversation, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the art that is creating and enjoying wine.

Here’s my imaginary mood board inspirations for if I were to host a blind wine tasting party:

1. The wine.
I would want to focus on different kinds of wine that range from sweet whites, dry whites, and move up through the reds. This is where I would put my Naked Wines shipment to good use or even opt for more crafted wines by paying a visit to popular tasting rooms up in Los Olivos. Another option is comparing store brand wines such as Trader Joe’s with artisan wines. It’s always fun comparing the quality of wines from various places!

2. The supplies.
To host a wine tasting party I am going to need some fun decorations, tools, and supplies in order to entertain my guests. Here are some of my picks!
click to enlarge
Where to find:
Tasting Cards via Etsy
Tasting Cards via ClubW
Chalk Paint on Wine Glasses
Bottle Covers
Setting Up Cheese and Charcuterie
Tasting Cheat Sheets

Another option when you need to save time or money is...

And a little something funny for your guests at the end of the evening :)
I can’t wait for the next opportunity for us to have company over and I get to try out some of these ideas! Be sure to link up with me and all of the other fabulous ladies from The Peony Project this month and share your hospitality!

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