Currently: June Edition


I always try to get this post in on the first of every month. But, ugh, it just never happens. 
Regardless, here’s what currently going on with me on this beautiful Sunday...

Drinking: I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Tea Latte mix. It’s heavenly in the mornings.

Reading: Currently I am putting together my summer reading list so I can head on out to Barnes  & Noble and pick up some good reads for my Hawaiian trip coming up in just a few days.
Does anyone have any reading recommendations?

Watching: Reruns of Top Chef. I seriously can’t get enough of this show and look forward to season 13 where they’re competing in California! It’s so fun to see the show in places I’ve lived or have visited before (such as DC, Texas, and now California) and Netflix makes it so easy to binge on previous seasons.

Listening: We have a cute little fountain right outside our patio and the crinkling of water is such a relaxing sound. It’s just another little reminder of how much I love living here.

Going: After such a whirlwind weekend and working the Los Olivos Jazz & Olive Festival for Artise Winery we are sleeping in a bit and heading off to the 11am church service. Sometimes we just need a few extra hours in the mornings ;)

Wearing: Is it sad to admit that it’s 9:30am PST and I’m still in my jammies?? Well, I’m not ashamed. Eventually the shower will call my name and I’ll look like a normal human being again. Within time.

Today I am linking up (a bit late) with In Residence and Gold & Bloom for their currently linkup! You can also catch me linking up with Choose Happy.

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