Easy DIY Travel Keepsakes


Every single time I travel I am always looking for fun keepsakes to take back home with me. It always serves as a reminder of the good times my husband and I have had traveling around the world. Although we have yet to do any big traveling together, we have been able to make it to the most beautiful beaches around.

Today I am sharing with you an easy way to show off your travels by collecting sand and making a beautiful candle centerpiece for anywhere in your home.

Now that we have been to both Turks & Caicos (twice!) and just recently Kauai, it was important for me to continue our tradition of bringing home sand from the beaches in which we visited. It’s fun to see the comparison of sand from different parts of the world!

To create this easy DIY travel keepsake you just need a few, inexpensive, supplies! On my most recent trip to World Market I found these beautiful hurricanes to which I could put my sand and candles in. I love the different sizes they come in! 

The shells I used were actually collected by my husband and I! The ones from our Hawaii trip are actually the shell leis that were given to us by the Sheraton Resort we stayed in while visiting Kauai. I love how they add such a personal touch and something we will have memories of for years to come.

This is a closeup of our Turks & Caicos sand when we visited the island of Providenciales. It’s so soft! On one of our excursions we went to a beach known as Shell Beach for the obvious reasons. We were able to snag a lot of these tiny shells that day. My husband even snorkeled and found a sand dollar! Don’t you just love the juxtaposition of these next to each other?

The unfortunate part is that the pillar candle featured here is just an unscented candle found from World Market and not from our trip. I like using unscented candles in combination with ones with a fragrance so that you don’t have too much going on in one room. It allows the scented ones to shine!

When we went to Hawaii we came across this cute soap and candle shop named Island Soap and Candle Works and they have hundreds of different candles and soaps, which are handmade right there in the store! My husband picked out a few candles and even sent some home to his mom. Photographed here is the rain pillar candle, which can be ordered and shipped here straight from Hawaii. 

How do you show off your vacation souvenirs around your home? 

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