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Happy Friday and yet another end to another week! Once returning from our Hawaiian getaway I was right back at school for their Summer Experience program for the preschoolers. It’s always an interesting transition from saying goodbye to one class and then getting to know the other little guys who are coming up to the three-year-old class. Although there were some minor challenges this week, it’s fun to meet them and figure out their little personalities.

Without further adieu, here are my favorite snapshots from our vacation for this week’s Five Things Friday linkup!


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Anyone that knows me understands that by no means am I a hiker or particularly like it for that matter. However, when your husband takes you to a place known as the Garden Isle you know in that moment that hiking or some sort of outdoorsy adventure awaits you. With that being said, I was actually eager to hike this canyon with him simply because it was something he really looked forward to and you will never get that kind of view of the island anywhere else. To stand at the top, thousands of feet high, and overlook the canyon and see the ocean peeking through was absolutely humbling.

My husband arranged for this and it was our one fancy evening together to celebrate one year of marriage over a gourmet meal at sunset. To begin, we enjoyed a few glasses of champagne on the rooftop of the St. Regis with the sun setting on the horizon. It was unbelievably romantic and a moment I will forever cherish. I can only imagine what year two will bring us!

And something funny that evening: my husband ran into Justin Bieber while trying to find the restroom. I caught a glimpse of him when he stepped outside on the terrace where we were drinking our champagne. All I can say is thank goodness he cut his hair and who seriously wears some kind of hover-board in a five star resort?!

On our last day we decided to take a boat tour around the Na Pali Coast, which included snorkeling, and all day I looked forward to catching a few photos of these famous sea turtles I hear so much about in Hawaii. But, of course, I wasn’t able to find them but luckily Philip was able to snap a few photos while on our tour around the island. 

And speaking of the Na Pali Coast, I was so excited to go on this boat tour because it’s something of a tradition Philip and I do whenever we go on an island vacation. It always turns out so fun with the humor of the boat captain, the thrill of being on a catamaran this time, and just taking in what Kauai has to offer in terms of it’s history, culture, nature, and weather. We woke up at 6am and didn’t make port again until 1pm and it was totally worth it and something I would love to do again in the future should we return to the island. 

One of my favorite memories on our tour/snorkeling was seeing the dolphins swim right up to our boat; almost like they were swimming with us. I did the whole swimming with dolphins thing as one of my excursions when I went on a cruise, but nothing compares to seeing them in the wild. 

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These wild chickens were absolutely hilarious. They are literally everywhere on Kauai and have become a symbol of sorts for the island. It was just fun to see them roaming around and getting a glimpse of the hens and her chicks. Apparently a number of years ago there was a terrible hurricane that ravaged the island and all of these chickens and roosters got free. It proved too difficult to try and capture all of them and after they began reproducing rapidly Hawaii just allowed them to be free-roaming chickens. I learned that there’s even a $500 fine for harassing the chickens on the island!

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