Slim Down Saturday {6.6}


Today is not such a happy post. I managed to gain back the two pounds I was able to lose from last week. Although it’s tough to see the scale inch back up, it’s taught me that regardless of what weight I’m at each week at least I’m active about my health. Weight is always going to fluctuate and this week it did just that. However, there was a lot going on this past week with the end of the school year (i.e. catered BBQ lunch at the celebration party), packing up the classroom, and not to mention National Donut Day.

Next week I will be vacationing in Hawaii with my husband, which I’m super excited about! I’ve never been and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us during our stay on the island of Kauai. As you’ll read below, staying healthy and active is my goal throughout my if anyone has any helpful tips and tricks for doing this I’m all ears!

 Let’s see what this week brought me...

The Results Week Four

Ultimate Goal
My ultimate goal is to reach my goal weight, which is to lose about 40 lbs.

Gain/Loss From the Week
+2 lbs

Total Loss Since Starting
- 3.6 lbs

Positives From the Week
Not too many positives from this past week due to the craziness of my schedule at work and the fact that I got off my routine both with food and going to the gym. I would also like to note that it being the time of the month for me has added some extra poundage...or at least that’s what I tell myself ;)

+ I am using my Fitbit every day!

Things to Work On
+ make it to the gym! Gah! I hate that I haven’t been this week but I’m just so darn tired from all of the events at work for the end of the year....and my commute doesn’t help either. 
+ drink water
+ don’t skip breakfast!
+ make good food choices when traveling

One Goal For Next Week
Make the gym, yoga, or other activity be a priority over laziness. Being active, especially when traveling, is something I would like to work on. Luckily in Hawaii there are a lot of hiking opportunities with the best views!

This fun and flirty one piece bathing suit is my motivator for this week since we’ll be on vacation. I’m in need of a new one and I love Target’s styles and prices. Maybe one day I’ll get into a two-piece but for now I’m happy that they have some cute one piece selections and I’m not left with potato sacks!

Tip or Trick
This was such a helpful article to read and there was some pretty great advice on how to stay healthy even when vacationing! My takeaways are:

+ packing healthy snacks for the plane
+ drink plenty of water and skip caffeinated drinks
+ hike, walk, etc. during our stay
+ split meals (especially desserts)
+ go shopping for healthy foods to stock our room with instead of ordering out or room service

Thanks so much for stopping by for week four! I can’t wait to read about your progress or any fitness/health tips and tricks you may have for this week!

What is Slim Down Saturday?
This linkup series started as a way for me to share my weight loss journey through Weight Watchers with my readers (see original post). Since fitness and overall health is important to me, I wanted to open it up for fellow bloggers and readers to join in and, in essence, create a community around healthy living and supporting one another in their goals.

Are you on a new fitness regimen or have a weight loss goal you’re working towards? Do you blog about fitness or health and want to share? Feel free to link up with me every Saturday!

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