Slim Down Saturday + Linkup {6.20}


Where did time fly to?? Seriously. It’s Saturday and it’s absolutely gorgeous outside here in Ventura even though we’re right in the full swing of June Gloom. Luckily it hasn’t been too foggy these last few days and I am soaking up the sunshine for as long as I possibly can.

Sorry I was a bit absent with the linkup last week. If you’re not familiar, I was in Hawaii with the husband celebrating our first wedding anniversary! I tried my best to keep up with my points and continue to make healthy choices even while vacationing. But, alas I managed to gain back everything I lost in the weeks prior.

Even though that’s a super bummer and it means I have to essentially start all over, I am picking myself back up and trying again. Let’s check in and see how week 6 went...

The Results Week Six

Ultimate Goal
My ultimate goal is to reach my goal weight, which is to lose about 40 lbs.

Gain/Loss From the Week
-2 lbs

Total Loss Since Starting
- 2.4 lbs

Positives From the Week
This week I returned from Hawaii and began working the summer program at my school. It’s allowed me to get back on track with a routine everyday. I am packing healthy snacks and upping how much water I drink. What are your favorite healthy snacks for on the go? Any pins you want to share?!

Things to Work On
I love my wine but I also know it’s a killer to my weight loss goals. I drank a lot in Hawaii and told myself, “I’m on vacation.” Well, I’m no longer on vacation so it’s time I start finding healthier alternatives to my favorite alcoholic beverages. Any recommendations or recipes?!

One Goal For Next Week
I still haven’t made it to the gym this week and being active is something I really need to get back into the routine with. Why is going to the gym so hard?!

I know this is a bit graphic but it sends such a powerful message. Each pound lost is worth something and even though I gained last week and lost only 2 lbs this week....I tell myself that it’s something.

Tip or Trick
Creating a visual that you can see every single day helps you stay on track in whatever weight loss program or goal you have. I found this idea from The Bloated Bride blog. To scratch off every number is a great feeling and makes you realize that even if it’s one pound it’s meaningful.

What is Slim Down Saturday?
This linkup series started as a way for me to share my weight loss journey through Weight Watchers with my readers (see original post). Since fitness and overall health is important to me, I wanted to open it up for fellow bloggers and readers to join in and, in essence, create a community around healthy living and supporting one another in their goals.

Are you on a new fitness regimen or have a weight loss goal you’re working towards? Do you blog about fitness or health and want to share? Feel free to link up with me every Saturday!

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