Summer Staples 2015


I,  like many thousands of others, count down the days until summer arrives. The only difference between enjoying summer this year compared to last year is, well, on the west coast my summers are a bit off from everyone else. In CA during, what I know as the “summer months,” being June/July/August, are known out here as gloomiest time of the year. No worries though, our hot weather joins us right as we go into October. Crazy, huh?!

Needless to say, Californians must travel away from the coast in order to enjoy a proper summer. Luckily for the hubs and I, we got to do just that. For four days we jetted off to the island of Kauai, Hawaii and I was completely stoked. This was my first experience in Hawaii and believe me, I was counting down the days until we left.

This photo was taken in Turks & Caicos during my husband and I’s first trip a few years ago!
Since I was traveling to my summer this year it was important for me to travel light, smart, and with the basic essentials to ensure a fabulous trip and zero boredom getting there. You know, it’s a direct 6 hour flight. 6 hours in a tin can, people. Here, I have my summer staples for traveling to a beachy vacation with a carry-on. (Read about my other carry-on packing tips here).

Being of Irish blood I have the joy of being of the fairer skin; something the evil queen of Snow White would be envious of. This means I need all the coverage I can get when out in the sun all day and luckily I found this adorable floppy sun hat from the J.Crew Factory!

Having a bathing suit cover-up is an essential piece for any woman who goes to the beach, the pool, on vacation, etc. It’s a lightweight, and adorable, way to get from place to place when visiting anywhere clothing is optional. I practically lived in this while we were vacationing!

Having a few of your favorite books or summer reads is important when traveling. I’ve wanted to finish The Husband’s Secret for over a year now and summer is the perfect time to catch up! Another book I’m interested in reading (after watching the movie) is Unbroken. I loved the movie and have heard amazing things about the book. Lastly, The Goldfinch is another story I’ve heard some buzz about and is rated the number one book club selection on Barnes & Noble. Can’t wait to get some good reading in this summer!

Another essential beach purchase for anyone is a practical beach bag. Now, I’ve selected Longchamp’s Le Pliage backpack for many reasons: 

1. I love this brand. I have two of their tote bags and they’re my babies
2. The quality of their bags are impeccable and last forever 
3. There’s no large logos or otherwise any reason for me (the tourist) to stick out in a new place 
4. It’s waterproof! 
5. It’s the perfect size for taking to the beach or on any excursion during our stay. Plus the backpack allows for hands free movement and security of my personal things
6.’s a bag that we can use back home for traveling or during a weekend getaway

Whenever you’re going to be around water of any kind (even if you don’t plan to take your phone in the water) it’s best to invest in a good waterproof case for your phone. I took an obscene amount of pictures and of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g and I wanted a case that’ll protect my phone from water and potential tumbles. 

And a good sunscreen goes without saying (see number one). I personally love Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer sunscreen because it goes on easily and doesn’t feel lotion-y or oily.

Lastly, my last essential for the beach is a new, and cute, bathing suit. I dress modestly and finding a bathing suit that matches me is very important. I’ve also been blessed with curves and nothing flatters my shape more than an adorable one-piece. I found one similar to this one at my local Target and love it! Not to mention, I love how society is embracing fuller women and providing us with stylish options for one pieces that would fit someone who doesn’t have the body of a pre-pubecent twelve year old. #justsayin

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