Blogging: How We’ve Lost Sight & 3 Ways To Regain It


When I first began blogging and created Primarily Inspired, I was chasing a feeling of adventure that was new and exciting. I had followed other lifestyle blogs, and still do, that inspired me to share my life story in hopes that it will be worth reading. I have become so grateful that this little blog of mine as it continues to introduce me to other bloggers and people from all around the world with different stories to tell.

However, you may have noticed (or not) that I’ve been a bit quiet around not only the blog, but social media in general. I had begun to notice something around other blogs lately that didn’t sit with me well because it made be begin thinking about the purpose of my own blog and what I enjoyed about it so much.  Here are my thoughts on how we have lost sight due to the current blogging trends and the reason I decided to take a few mental health days away from behind the screen.

All I ask is that you continue reading with an open mind about yourself as a blogger as I have done when deciding to publish this. Everything I am about to say has been because of my own evaluation and the three key ways I can regain the purpose of my blog.

Advertising Is King
What happened to the days of button swapping...for free? Not because you wanted to make a buck but because it was a blog you loved to read and wanted to share it with your own audience? What happened to authentic posts being shared so that others could benefit...and it not being a #ad or otherwise a post that is being paid for by some company for the exchange of products?

Now more than ever are blogs being turned into little businesses, but even larger blogs like cupcakes + cashmere have authentic posts that aren’t trying to push products with affiliate links onto their readers. I am guilty for even attempting to publish posts that are riddled with links, referrals, or in general trying to get bloggers to buy ad space. I feel guilty that blogging has come to this and it sucks to know I was trying to keep up. Because of this need to sell via the blog space, it’s turned me off to a lot of the blogs I used to love reading every week and it would be no wonder if I lost readers too.

Regain By: Keep writing authentically and share blogs and products freely. 

Our Obsession With Numbers

How do I gain more followers? How do I utilize Pinterest to gain page views? 

It’s all the same no matter what question you ask. I see more agendas for blog growth being discussed than I do with the actual posts being written and shared. Shouldn’t we be discussing the stories that matter and the reason we follow certain blogs in the first place?

It really bothers me to see how we’ve become obsessed with numbers and equate that to how successful we are. I do understand that page views are important and so is all of the other data Google Analytics provides us because it gives us a direction in terms of what our audiences like to read. However, sometimes we need to unplug and reset our train of thought and remember the purpose we have for our blog. The questions being asked here should be:

What was the purpose behind beginning my blog in the first place? 
How can I better reach my audience through meaningful posts?
What can I do differently on my blog to better engage my readers?

Regain By: It’s not about the page views it’s about the content. Have great content and everything else will follow.

To say we all do it doesn’t make it an excuse. Although it is true. Every blogger looks to other blogs for guidance and almost sets a goal to to be just as successful as they are. I mean, we all want our ventures to be successful! Comparing ourselves to other blogs, whether it goes back to my previous point of page views or followers, it’s something we’re all guilty of at least at one point or another. However, there’s a difference between guidance and comparison. Comparison leads to disappointment and who needs to feel that way when beginning something new? Blogging is a long road and many will tell you that it’s taken them 5+ years to get to where they are, so it’s a good idea to stop comparing yourself to others. Instead learn from seasoned bloggers, do your homework, and learn by doing. Oh, and lend a helping hand to other fellow bloggers because we’re a community and we should be there for each other.

Regain By: Stop comparing and focus on your content!

No matter what your stats tell you, know that you are awesome and are doing awesome things with your blog. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, the fact is: you’re doing it! Don’t get sucked into the trends of today’s blogger and steer clear of things that will distract you from your purpose. At the end of the day, blogs become successful when they’re authentic and have content people want to read and can relate to. Everything else is nonsense.

What trends in blogging are driving you crazy? Or am I the only one? What advice would you give to new bloggers who are facing the current overwhelming world of blogging?

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