An Exciting Announcement



11 weeks to be exact and it’s been quite the surprise to keep on the DL. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty horrible at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to surprises or exciting announcements like this one.

Our road to pregnancy...
After we miscarried back in March the husband and I made a decision that we would officially be trying to conceive. At first, and to be totally honest, the first few months afterward were very stressful for both Philip and I. Once we green lit trying to conceive I went crazy. I began tracking my ovulation, pretty much scheduling intimacy with my husband, and going through hundreds of dollars worth of pregnancy tests. Just to feel disappointed when Aunt Sue came at the end of all that effort.

After a few tough conversations and realizing my relationship was being strained by this need to get pregnant, I finally snapped back to reality and reflected on what I was doing wrong in attempts to see so badly those positive lines across a pregnancy test. We wanted to know that if we got pregnant it would happen naturally and be out of love, like all babies should be.

We found out we were pregnant shortly after our 4th of July trip to Las Vegas with our friends. It just so happened that the very same weekend Aunt Sue was to arrive and I was eager to see if I would be late or not. Luckily she never showed up and it was then I knew somehow, deep down, that we brought home an unexpected souvenir from Hawaii.

To see that we were pregnant brought on all kinds of emotions. We were so excited but yet nervous too. Our miscarriage caused us to approach this pregnancy with caution as we didn’t want to get too excited too quickly in case something were to happen. However, I got to the point where I wasn’t going to censor my excitement because of fear. If we were to lose the pregnancy I was determined to love and cherish every moment I had. Luckily everything has been perfect and we made it to our first doctors appointment at 7 weeks, got to see our baby and hear its heartbeat at 8 weeks, and learned we were having a boy after our genetic screening test.

And not to mention, this was a huge reason behind why I’ve been so absent these past few months on the blog. The first trimester brought on nausea and extreme tiredness to the point where even the thought of putting my thoughts to words was exhausting. But, now that we’re marching right into our second trimester and I’m getting my energy back I'm looking forward to sharing our pregnancy journey with you all!


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