Bumpdate - Week 12


Do you see that? I actually, and officially, am in bump status beginning this week. Well, in a way I have had a little bump for a while, but technically it was just bloat. However, now I can officially say that my little nugget in there has made his debut and there’s no denying I look pregnant now. I feel like the moment I had to make my very first maternity shirt purchase was a strong indicator of what was to come and the reality hit that we’re actually doing this. We’re actually having a baby.

It’s week 12 and this marks a special place in pregnancy time because finally the bouts with nausea have subsided, I’m capable of getting a decent night’s rest, and best of all I’m beginning to feel like a human again. Not quite pre-pregnancy, but human nonetheless and I’ll take it.

From about week 5 up until a couple weeks ago, nausea was at it’s worst and I didn’t feel like eating a thing. Sprite and ginger ale were my friends, breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of Saltines, and all of a sudden I was dealing with insomnia and a headache every now and then. Not totally miserable, but miserable enough to make me question if this would be my one and only child.

But, alas I had survived and the whole time I kept in mind that there are millions of other women out there who are experiencing way worse symptoms than I or are dealing with the difficulty of even getting pregnant. So, it helped me keep a proper perspective even when I felt like crap. Every moment of this pregnancy is cherished and it’s a reminder of how blessed we truly are.

On to the good stuff that you came here for...

Feeling // Pretty good! We had our 12 week checkup today with the doctor and hearing my baby’s heart beat always puts a smile on my face. Sleep is coming easier and I’m now a side-sleeper with a body pillow to snuggle up next to. This helps me gain more energy during the day although walking tires me out pretty quickly.

Craving // a large Italian combo sandwich from Panera. Just loaded with all the meaty-goodness. I also miss raw foods such as oysters and sushi, pate, and charcuterie plates!

Food Favorites // I’m loving french toast, bagels with cream cheese, and french fries. Also, I’m staying within my caffeine allotment and allow myself to enjoy a tall iced caramel macchiato from time to time.

Pros of this week // We just returned from our trip to San Francisco and I loved getting to eat all kinds of fabulous foods (OMG deviled eggs anyone?!) and walk around seeing all the sights. I love that my appetite has made a quick return just in time for our trip.

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Oh, and another pro are the amazing invention that is the maternity legging! They are the most comfortable pants and I love that the band goes right up and over my little belly. Seriously living in these.

Cons of this week // Being in-between sizes. I know my body is only beginning to shift and change and the self-esteem is taking a little bit of a hit. Nothing quite fits right and I find myself wearing the same basics over and over again: jeans + basic maternity top.

Anticipating // The beginning of the school year and getting back to work. Now that I’m slowly gaining more energy I’m ready to get up and moving! I’m also anticipating fall and the return of the PSL!

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