Welcome to Primarily Inspired! I am so happy that you’ve found yourself here and I can’t wait to meet you! One aspect about blogging that I love is the community it creates and how individuals can begin as strangers but quickly become friends. I love discovering new people and following their stories told through their blogs and I’m excited to share mine with you here. 

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Here’s a little about PI:
Primarily Inspired launched in October of 2014
It’s the sister blog and other passion next to my teaching blog here
It is a channel for all of my passions outside of teaching
I write about my life, sharing all of me and my family
It began as a little side project and continues to grow and evolve every day

The stats as of May 2015:
3,084+ page views /month
1,513+ followers on social media via
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin’ | Pinterest 
3-5 posts a week

I am proud of these numbers although they appear small.
All great things have humble beginnings and Primarily Inspired is my personal great thing.

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